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I haven’t posted an update in three weeks. I always mean to, then for one reason or another, I don’t. I do really need to get better at that. Our month of picnics is finally over. Hoping that means I can do better at keeping on track. I had gone back up last week. I think at least part of that was a monthly issue. I’ve been curbing my urge to snack, drinking more water, and doing at least some exercise every day. Some days that’s working out with DVD and walking on the treadmill or sometimes just walking on the treadmill. Yesterday I didn’t do either, but it was the kids’ last day for vacation bible school, so they were putting on a show at the end of it. My MIL has been taking them in, but I rode in with them last night(my husband came when he got out of work). And since I had about 2 hours to waste, I walked around town for about half an hour.

Starting weight: 165.2
Last week’s weight: 170
Today’s weight: 166.8
Weekly loss: 3.2 pounds
Total loss(gain): 1.6 up from my starting weight, but getting closer.

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