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We’ve been having a bit of a heat wave around here this week. It’s been in the 90s every day this week. I ventured outside with the kids Monday afternoon for about half an hour. That was almost more than I could handle, and I didn’t do much more than sit on the porch(which has no shade) while they played. I know, I’m a wimp when it comes to heat. I can handle being outside when it’s below freezing, but if it goes much above 80, I’m done. Have our two air conditioner window units(big one in living room and smaller one in our bedroom) going right now. And it’s still about 80 in the house. Even in the winter, we tend to keep it around 70. It’s supposed to cool down this weekend and stay that way into next week. Thank goodness. I can handle 70s. I like 70s. And I keep reminding myself, at least I’m not pregnant this summer(since both times I was pregnant, I was due end of summer and was very miserable in the heat).

Despite the heat, I’ve been making progress on my goals.

·Demons Rising: write 10000 words – 6051/10000 words. Got through a dreaded scene today. Glad that one is over, but there’s another one coming up in several more scenes.
·find readers for Slow Revenge – This may be done. At least one anyways. 🙂
·Guarding the Heart: novel notebook – working my way through this. 4/10 sections filled out. May have this finished this week.
·Read: Not Until You Surrender (Roni Loren) – read this yesterday. Now, reading Release by M.R. Merrick. Not caring for this one as much as the first two. Not sure why, it just feels like it’s dragging for me. I’m 37% through it now, so I’ll probably finish it.
·Knit: finish newborn cardigan – I finished this yesterday morning. Glad to have it done.
·Crochet: finish toddler owl hat – 4/6 sections finished. Have the inner eyes and beak left to crochet. Then, stitch it all together.

Making good progress on my goals so far. The girl has been enjoying bible school, and we realized the boy isn’t too young to go. They have a 2-3 year old class as well. So, he got to go last night. He was so excited. He had a fit the first two nights when his sister got to go with grandma and he didn’t. So, last night when she showed up he ran right out to the car and climbed in. And I had about 3 hours all to myself. That doesn’t happen very often. Just 2 more days of it then we have the rest of summer vacation.

Comments on: "Writing Wednesday: Hot, Hot, Hot" (5)

  1. Seems like everywhere in the northern blogosphere is suffering from the heat right now. 90s is defo too hot!

  2. It just started getting hot here again after a couple weeks of overcast and rainy. I feel for you. Are you knitting with wool or cotton? Mary says that it’s too hot to knit with wool this time of year (she’s working with cotton).

    You got the tough scene out of the way. Congratulations!

  3. Congratulations on getting all of that done in the heat! The heat can really drain you and make it so hard to do much of anything, so this is a great accomplishment!

    Enjoy the cooler weekend. Happy writing!

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