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watching the helicopter land

This weekend was our town’s annual festival, or ‘the gathering’. Usually it starts on Friday and runs through Sunday, with a church service and usually some music on Sunday to wrap it up. They also have reenactors come in and a small area with activities for the kids. Our local fire department always had their chicken barbeque at it. Sunday is usually the better day for that as everyone walks past the tent after the outdoor church service and can smell the chicken cooking. Well this year they decided to just do two days and didn’t even advertise the chicken dinner in the program, so they decided it want even worth it to take the stuff done. Instead they took the bingo machine and only made about $50 for the weekend. Hopefully next year they’ll go back to 3 days since that chicken dinner is our big fundraiser for the year. As a rural volunteer fire department, those fundraisers are pretty important. But, they did have a bigger area for the kids to play in.and even bright in the Medevac helicopter for the kids to sit in.


My girl standing on the helicopter


my boy sitting in the helicopter. He was in heaven.

As for my progress this week:

    • Demons Rising: 7500 words Done! Passed this pretty easily on Friday. Thinking about changing this a bit. Focusing just on writing until the Wip is finished then focus on editing. I know I’ve tried the whole ‘work on one thing at a time’ before without any goods results, but sometimes I feel like I spread myself too thin with having all these different projects going on at once. So I’m going to try it again. Which means I’ll be raising my weekly word count goal.
    • Find beta readers/critique partners still working on this.
    • Send out Slow Revenge n/a
    • Stained Snow: Edit Chapters 1-5 I did finish this on Friday. But like I said, I think I’ll be setting it aside until the 1st draft of Demons Rising is finished
    • Guarding the Heart: blueprint I finished this Friday night. I think I’ll keep plugging away at plotting while drafting and editing. As long as I have time.
    • Read: Divergent, Not Until You Beg(Roni Loren), & City of Bones(Cassandra Clare) Done, done, and done. Now I’m working on going through my list of free books I’ve downloaded. There have been a couple I enjoyed, but mostly I’ve deleted them after reading just a little bit. Not all of them were “bad”, more that something didn’t connect for me and I didn’t want to continue.
    • Knit: newborn cardigan still working on this. As of right now, I just have to finish the sleeves and sew on the buttons. And of course the usual finishing tasks(like weaving in the ends). I might finish it today even.
    • Crochet: Toddler Owl Hat Sill working on this. Got the ear flaps done yesterday. So I just have to do the owl features now.

I’ve done pretty good on my goals for this week. I try to get as much done during the week as I can since weekends tend to be so busy. This week my MIL is taking the girl to vacation Bible school at our church each night (tonight through Thursday), so I’ll have a semi-break (only one kid & he’ll go to bed part way through it)
So, goals for this week:
·Demons Rising: write 10000 words
·find readers for Slow Revenge
·Guarding the Heart: novel notebook
·Read: Not Until You Surrender (Roni Loren)
·Knit: finish newborn cardigan
·Crochet: finish toddler owl hat

Comments on: "Sunday Summary: A Gathering Time" (3)

  1. Cate Russell-Cole said:

    You’ve done so well Fallon, and had a lot of fun too. The festival sounds great. 🙂 I hope your next week is as productive and enjoyable.

  2. Interesting post. I was wondering why this event was called a gathering time. . . a gathering together to support that volunteer fire department! Lovely pics of the kids. I liked your ROW80 goals/progress report as well. You know, separating the writing from the editing is a fine idea for I think we use different parts of the brain. When I’m writing scenes, I’m trying to dig into my characters and what they might do. If I stop to think about semicolons, that emotional grist is just gone.

    I too might be looking for a beta reader exchange. Check out my website and e-mail me if you’re interested. I’m still in awe of that 10,000 word goal. Write on!

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