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Not too much to report on since Sunday. Monday and Tuesday I woke up early enough to get my 1500 words in before the kids woke up. Wasn’t quite as productive today. I managed over 600 in half an hour. Then, decided to do some research. And then the kids were up. But, I picked at the words through the morning and had my goal met by 10 a.m. I’ve been able to get just about everything crossed off my list the last 2 days. I don’t know if today will be as good. Have a thing to go to at the fire hall tonight. Wednesday is usually meeting/drill night for the fire department. Tonight they’re doing a “family drill”, basically a picnic for the families of the firefighters. So, I won’t have that time in the evening after dinner like I usually do. Hopefully I can get a lot done before we leave for that. If not, I can probably make up for it the next two days.

  • Demons Rising: 7500 words – 4709/7500 So more than halfway there. According to campnanowrimo, at this rate I’ll finish by July 25. Of course, that’s if it doesn’t run much over 80k. I may end up raising my target count for the month. 
  • Find beta readers/critique partners – I wrote up a post on Monday about my search. No response to it yet. 
  • Send out Slow Revenge – not yet
  • Stained Snow: Edit Chapters 1-5 – 2/5 done. I cut the whole first scene of Chapter 1. Everything else has been mostly small changes so far. Haven’t gotten to today’s chapter yet. 
  • Guarding the Heart: blueprint -8/16 sections filled in. Haven’t started on this today yet either. 
  • Read: Divergent, Not Until You Beg(Roni Loren), & City of Bones(Cassandra Clare) – finished Divergent on Sunday. Read Not Until You and the first 9 chapters of City of Bones yesterday. 
  • Knit: newborn cardigan – finished the first section(chest) yesterday. Still working on the body. Then, I’ll have to do the edging and sleeves. Still hoping to have it finished this week(which may be a lofty goal with as long as the beginning is taken)
  • Crochet: Toddler Owl Hat – I finished the body of the hat, but haven’t worked on it anymore. Still have to do the earflaps and the owl features

Once again, my writing and reading goals are going well. The crafting ones are falling behind. But, that’s okay since they are a lower priority for me.

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  1. You are definitely doing well on the writing goals, Fallon, and congrats for putting your efforts where you want them.

    I often think I should be a critique partner or beta reader, but everytime I try, I fail miserably. I am no longer going to offer to do anything until I am sure I can deliver the goods. I think a lot of ROW 80 folks have full plates, like you, and find it hard to clear a corner for anything else. I hope you find someone to work with.

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