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The Great CP Hunt

If you’ve been reading my ROW80 updates this round(and even some from last round), you know I’ve been looking for beta readers for my WiP, Slow Revenge. I think what I’m really looking for though is more of a critique partner(or two). A fellow writer that knows what to look for structure-wise: plot points, character arc, etc. And maybe someone I could bounce ideas off of if I get stuck. I’ll still want beta readers, but I’m thinking of those more as general readers that can tell me if the story flows right and if the characters are relatable/likeable.

Most of what I write is romantic suspense, probably leaning a little more toward romance. I don’t completely limit myself to that, as I also have a western novella currently in the editing stage. Slow Revenge is the first in a connected series. I wrote up a little blurb for it(and the 2 others in progress) here. As well as my other WiPs(that aren’t part of that series) here. That second one does include the link to the series, which I might change the name of as there aren’t any actual demons in the series.

If anyone is interested in reading Slow Revenge(or the others) or the first couple chapters at least(to see if it’s a good fit with you), you can leave me a message here, email me at: fallonrb@gmail.com or connect with me on Twitter(@frbrown906).

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