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This week was a busy but good one. We had a picnic at my sister’s on Thursday. Yesterday we went to my husband’s aunt’s for another picnic. A lot of running around for the kids, swimming, good food, then about 8 o’clock it started pouring down rain. We figured fireworks were going to be cancelled. But, they still went off right at 10. Had a couple of cranky kids by the time we headed home. Of course, they’re usually in bed around 7. And the boy had not taken a nap since Tuesday. He did sleep a little during the party yesterday, and he’s taking a nap again this afternoon. So, hopefully this was just a short-lived nap strike and not the start of him giving them up completely. Neither of us is ready for that one. Of course, his older sister stopped taking naps right at 3 years old. When he was born. And he’ll be 3 in September. Hopefully this is the one thing he doesn’t do earlier than her.

Demons Rising: 7500 words: Done! I only managed about half of my daily goal on Thursday, but I wrote a little extra on Friday to make up for it. I ended up with 7598 for the week.
Find beta readers – Not done
Send out Slow Revenge – Not done either
Read through Stained Snow – Done! Finished this on Friday as well. And compiled my notes in the Scrivener project so I can start making changes next week.
Guarding the Heart: beat sheet– I had finished this on Monday.
Read: Alpha Moon (S.M. Reine), Not Until You Trust (Roni Loren), Flight (J.R. Pearse Nelson), Haedyn’s Choice (Jennifer L. Oliver):  Done, by Friday again. And I read Forever Road by Catie Rhodes Friday and Saturday. And I started Divergent by Veronica Roth yesterday(at the picnic because I need some sort of escape from people even when I can’t actually get away from them apparently)

Knit: Broken Rib Toque – Done. Finally. considering I actually started it when there was still snow outside. It’s almost a little big for my daughter, but she should grow into it.

Crochet: Toddler Owl Hat – just started this afternoon. Have about half of the actual hat done. Will still have to do the ear flaps and decoration.

Made pretty good progress on my goals this week. My goals for next week are:

  • Demons Rising: 7500 words
  • Find beta readers/critique partners
  • Send out Slow Revenge
  • Stained Snow: Edit Chapters 1-5
  • Guarding the Heart: blueprint
  • Read: Divergent, Not Until You Beg(Roni Loren), & City of Bones(Cassandra Clare)
  • Knit: newborn cardigan
  • Crochet: Toddler Owl Hat


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