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I haven’t been very consistent about these posts. I know I need to be better about that. I need the accountability. It’s been just over a month since my last, and first, post. Yikes. Part of the problem is that the scale has not been going the right way. I’ve been working out and doing mostly good about staying within my calorie budget. But the weight kept going up. I know I don’t always make the best choices in what I eat. Part of the problem is my husband. He won’t change his diet. So, we have crap food in the house, which when I’m feeling lazy, is easier to make. So, I’ve been trying to have veggies on hand, got some whole wheat sandwich thin things(which I have a problem with regular bread sometimes. It gets stuck in my throat, so I like the thinness of this). I usually have oatmeal for breakfast in the morning after I work out. And I’ve been trying to keep my snacking down and choose better snacks(I’ll admit, I had Skittles for my afternoon snack yesterday). Trying not to get in the mood where I say, “why even bother.” I’ve been there before. It’s not pretty.

I think I know what part of them problem is. I know I don’t drink enough water. So, that’s my main goal right now. To up my water consumption. I have a water bottle I got from the hospital when my daughter was born. It holds about 24 oz. I’ve been finishing off at least one of those a day. Next week, I’m going to shoot for 2.


Starting weight: 165.2

Last week’s weight: 170(actually was this Monday, didn’t weight last Friday)

Today’s weight: 169,4

Total gain/loss: +4.2

I didn’t even want to post until I had actually lost. But, if I’m going to hold myself accountable, I have to do it even when I’m not doing so well.


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