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About 8 O’clock last night, it started storming and over the scanner we heard that a tornado had been spotted in a town to the north of us. It looted like it could come into town and my husband headed in to the fire station. We have no basement in or house, so these times always make me nervous, but it didn’t hit us here. In town (we’re south of town) us another story apparently. Some people are still without power, including the school which is why it was compelled today and all ready on two hour delay for tomorrow (which means no school for the girl since she only goes in the morning). We still have no internet here(the reason I’m writing this post on my phone), but that’s the worst we got, for which I am thankful.
As for last week’s goals:

Stained Snow: Finish 1st draft – DONE! Finished this on Thursday. At about 49413 words. So will have to do some cutting if I want to keep it as a novella.

Flames of Redemption: Finish last 11 scenes – DONE! Just this afternoon. This one went from about 55500 words to over 66700 words. Still a little on the short side but not quite as short as it was.

Demons Rising: Finish novel notebook – DONE!
                            Start scene cards – DONE!

Read: Shadow and Bone, Miss Me Not, & Touched. – Done, done, and done. Just finished Touched earlier today and haven’t stayed anything new yet.

Knit: Finish Fledgling Gloves – finished the first one. The fingers turned out all weird. Didn’t bother starting the second one.

Crochet: Hairpin Lacy Skinny Scarf – this is the first time I’ve used this hairpin fork tool. So, it took a little getting used to at first. Then, it turned out to be pretty simple. Still working on it though. The scarf is supposed to be 70 inches long. It’s about twenty right now.
Now, for next week’s goals(which will mostly be finishing up the month’s goals):
Slow Revenge – start reading through
Demons Rising: Set up in Scrivener
Knit: Shimmer by Night bag
          Broken Rib Toque
Crochet: Hairpin Lace Skinny Scarf

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