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I realized I never made my list of weekly goals in my post for last week. Not a big deal, as I kept working toward what I wanted to get done. Although we’ve spent pretty much every day outside this week. Even spent a few hours at a park in town on Saturday. Loved watching my 2.5 year old pass by the smaller slides and go to the bigger ones with his sister. I’m not sure that boy has much fear at all. And I did take a lot of pictures. I may try to get them from my phone to the computer sometime and put them in another post.

As for how I’ve done over the last week:

  • Stained Snow: 4555 words added to this. Today is the only day I’ve passed 1000 words on it. But, I’m making my way toward the climax. I just passed 40,000 words on it this afternoon. Not sure it will be under 45000 by the time I’m finished.
  • Flames of Redemption: I’ve added 3172 new words to this one after being down by 15 last Wednesday. I don’t keep track of what I actually write when I’m just changing a few things here or there, or adding in a sentence. But, when it’s paragraphs or whole scenes, I like tracking the words.

*Between these two projects, I’ve written over 7600 words. Almost 2500 on Monday alone. And here I thought I couldn’t write two different stories at once.

  • Demons Rising: I finished the last step(that I do) of the snowflake method on Thursday. Still working my way through the blueprint. Probably won’t be finishing the outlining this week. I’m still hoping to get to the drafting stage before the end of the month though.
  • Reading: I’ve read Defying Fate, A Bucket of Ashes, Dreamstealer, and am 2 stories away from finishing the Orange Karen anthology. So, have already surpassed my reading goal for this month. More than halfway to this year’s goal.
  • Knitting: I’ve made progress on the cowl I’ve been knitting since the beginning of April. Have about 9 rounds left to go to finish it.
  • Crochet: I finished my first project of the month yesterday. It was a really quick one too. A headband. Only took me about an hour and a half to finish it and the flower I attached to it.

Goals for next week:

  • Stained Snow: 5000 words. Hoping this will get me through at least the climax scene(3 planned scenes away from where I am now).
  • Flames of Redemption: Get through Chapter 10. I have at least 1 scene I want to add in here, most of the rest is smaller changes.
  • Demons Rising: finish blueprint
  • Reading: Finish Orange Karen, Read Date Me(Jillian Dodd) and Composing Myself(Elena Aitken)
  • Knitting: Finish GAPtastic Cowl & Cables & Lace Hat
  • Crochet: Shell Stitch Beanie

Comments on: "Writing Wednesday: Making Progress" (7)

  1. You are doing amazing!!!

  2. Wonderful progress. There’s a lot of positive energy here, and I was happy to see SNOWFLAKE at work (another way to help follks outline, plan, prepare to be productive). May the coming week be as productive. So, my question is: How do you know when a scene needs to be added?

    • Thanks.
      I read over the whole story after I finish the first draft, usually I let it sit for about a month. As I read through, I’ll mark where I need to add something in. Sometimes, it’s just a sentence or paragraph. Other times, it’s a scene. I struggled quite a bit with this story. Usually I don’t have quite so much to add.

  3. Yay on the two projects at once, Fallon. Sometimes I find that an “alternate” project to work on actually increases my productivity.

    Your 2.5 yr old sounds like the exact opposite of the Boodle…. Mine was cautious to the extreme. Now he isn’t afraid of anything–wonder how your boy will be in few years.

    Keep up the great progress and have a wonderful week, Fallon.

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