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So, remember how in my goals post I said I was simplifying things for this round? Yeah. I guess I’m not so good at being simple. Or at least not on keeping my focus on just one project. I had just been focusing on brainstorming and outlining for right now. But, we were coming home from a trip on Saturday and suddenly I got an idea for the WiP I’ve been working on and off with since September. I’ve battled with it pretty much from the beginning and in January had pretty much decided to shelve it. The idea I got was actually for a scene towards the end, but it was the kick in the butt I needed to work on what comes before that too. Along with that I decided to print out the second story in my Inner Demons series, (which ended up being more complicated than I expected, with trying to get number of pages to print down and then having to organize it all when it printed out of order) and work on editing it now. So, I will have new goals for the rest of the round. Will post them at the end of this.

  • Send Slow Revenge to Beta Readers – still haven’t sent it to any, but did put out some feelers for any one who would want to read it.
  • Brainstorm new ideas for Western novella, Stained Snow – I finished the last of the back stories last Thursday. Unless I feel the need to dig into a side character at some point. But, even if I do, it should be shorter than the main ones I did.
  • Start outlining Stained Snow – I started working through the snowflake method on Thursday. I’m on step 6 now, which is the last one I do. There are two more after it, I think, but I’ve found they really don’t work for my process. I should be able to finish it today or tomorrow. Then, I’ll be working on the rest of my outlining process. Hoping to be done with it the first week of March at the latest and then I can start writing.
  • Read 20 books – I finished Writing with a Heavy Heart last Wednesday and Unending Devotion by Jody Hedlund on Friday. I read Medusa’s Desire by E.B. Black over the weekend and started Shift by M.R. Merrick on Monday. I’m about 50% through it right now. I’m up to 21 books for the years and 16 for this round. Shouldn’t have a problem finishing 4 more before the end of the round.
  • Workout for 30 minutes/5 days a week – I’ve walked on the treadmill 4 days in the last week. And walked around the Fire Expo in Pittsburgh for a couple hours on Saturday.
  • Track calories every weekday – I’ve been doing a little better with this over the last week as well as getting better with controlling my snacking. It’s still something I need to work on though.

Now for my new goals for the rest of this round:

  • Send Slow Revenge to Beta Readers
  • Finish outlining Stained Snow
  • Finish 1st draft of Flames of Redemption
  • Edit Healing the Heart
  • Work all edits on Healing the Heart into computer copy
  • Write at least 5k on Stained Snow
  • Brainstorm ideas for #3 in Inner Demons series
  • Back stories for #3

Comments on: "Writing Wednesday: Changing Things Up" (5)

  1. I find I can’t work on just on project at a time either, but I like being able to bounce around if I get stuck.

    Your goals are impressive! Good luck!

    • I find that I work better on different things during different times of the day. Morning seems to be my best writing time, while afternoon seems to be better for editing. So that’s pretty much how I am splitting up my projects right now. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. I don’t focus on one thing at a time, either. I also find if I make things too simple I get bored or my brain rebels and is all “IDEAS! Here! LOOK!” Anyways, do what you gotta do!

    • Yeah, I thought it would be better to focus my attention on just one or two bigger goals at a time, instead of spreading it out. But, it turns out it made me less focused and I had a harder time concentrating on those things. Guess I’m still learning my best way of doing things. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I usually only work on one at a time. I find all the characters merge else? Well, they jump over into different stories. 😀 I so wish I could read as quickly as you, although I could do with dedicating more than the last half our of my day to it – that might help 🙂 Great going Fallon. X

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