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I didn’t post last week. We had to take my daughter into the doctor(she ended up having strep), but I still could have managed a post. Just didn’t feel I had much to write about. So, I saved it all for this week. 🙂


Easy Knit Mittens:

These were the ones I was making for my son. Fit him a lot better than the other ones I had made. And I got the hole at the base of the thumb sewn up, which I hadn’t done with the other ones.

Reading Mitts:

This was a pattern I found over at ravelry. I’ve made some other fingerless mitts before, but this was the first time I’ve done them on double point needles. The other pattern are just knit on two straight needles then sew up the sides, leaving a hole for the thumb.

100_6063 100_6064

In Progress:

Right now, I’m working on a beret with a 1×1 rib brim. I haven’t made too much progress on it so far, just have the ribbing for the brim done. Should be able to have it finished by the end of the month though.

Coming Up:

Nothing planned right now. Once I have this beret done, that will be everything I had planned for the month. I’ll figure out March’s projects Thursday night probably.

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