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Again, I feel like I didn’t get a whole lot done even though I have been working steadily. I think part of it is because I’m eager to start working on this story. But, I know I need to do this work before I get started.

  • Send Slow Revenge to Beta Readers -really need to have my butt kicked with this one. So, obviously, that means I’ve done nothing with this.
  • Brainstorm new ideas for Western novella, Stained Snow – Still working through back stories. I finally finished the protagonist’s on Monday. It ended up being about 7 pages long. Hadn’t expected it to be so long. I started the antagonist’s yesterday and it’s already 3 pages long. The two intersect a bit, since they are brothers. But, they both offer a different perspective about the same events. trying to get about 2 pages a day written on these. Hoping to have this one done tomorrow.
  • Start outlining Stained Snow – Hoping to be able to get started on this next week.
  • Read 20 books – I finished reading Echo in the Bone last Thursday. I really enjoyed it, even though there were times when I skimmed because it felt like there was too much detail. But, I’m still looking forward to reading the next book, which is supposed to come out later this year. I started Death on Beacon Hill Thursday night. This is the third book in P.B. Ryan’s Nell Sweeney mystery series. I really like these books, and I finished this one on Saturday. And started to read Katie Jennings’, A Life Earthbound. This is the third book in her Dryad Quartet. I am almost finished reading this one. And I have the last one waiting for me to read.
    I also downloaded Writing with a Heavy Heart: Using Grief and Loss to to Stretch Your Fiction. I’m about halfway through this.
  • Workout for 30 minutes/5 days a week – not doing too well with this over the last week. Didn’t workout Thursday, Friday, or Monday. I really have no excuse for Thursday. Friday morning we took my daughter in to the doctor because she could not straighten her neck or turn her head. Turns out she was having muscle spasms that were locking her neck up. We’re still dealing with that, but it is getting better. There was a two hour delay for the school Monday, which means she has no school since she only goes in the morning. But, we were able to get back to our normal routine yesterday. So, I got a walk in on the treadmill yesterday and worked out with the Wii this morning.
  • Track calories every weekday – this has not been going too well either. And my husband made some beef jerky yesterday, which isn’t helping any. Definitely since I’m not exactly sure how to measure that.

Comments on: "Writing Wednesday: Working Through Back Story" (2)

  1. I do hope your daughter is doing better. I find it hard having to adjust things to fit in a workout once my schedule for the day goes off. Anything else can but fixed, just not that.

    I wish you the best with the pre-writing stuff. It feels like it takes forever, but it is worth it! (Or that’s what I tell myself, so I don’t jump the gun.)

  2. Hey Fallon – you’ve done so well! And wow – the attention to detail on those back stories. I tend to stick to a tick list of details, with the occasional paragraph. 😀 BEst of luck for the days to come. And hey – Get the MS to those Beta Readers already!!! 😛 X

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