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Easy Knit Mittens:

I was working on these last week. But, I hadn’t gotten too far since I kept making mistakes. I finally finished them the other day. They fit my daughter almost perfect


Monkey Hat:

I was working on this one last week. had finished the body of the hat at that point. I did get the earflaps done and the ties. And then I had to do the ears ans sew them on. I don’t think I got those sewn on in quite the right place though. the head looks very asymmetrical.


Pencil Case:

I started this one toward the end of last week, Friday I think. And I just finished it last night. Had to adapt the pattern for the ties a bit. Doing it as instructed, they weren’t even close to long enough to reach around it and actually tie. So, instead of two, I made 4. and joined them at the center of the back.


In Progress:

Easy Crochet Bag:

I was finally able to get to the store and get the yarn I needed to finish this project. That was yesterday. So, I just picked it back up today. I don’t have a whole lot more to go on it, so it will be finished some time this week.

Easy Knit Mittens:

Yes, this is also under finished projects. Have it here too because I started another pair of these for my son. I finished seaming the sides of the first one this morning and started the cuff for it. I should be finished with it by tomorrow or Thursday.

Coming Up:

Plans may change(mostly if I get orders for something else), but right now I’m planning on working on some reading mitts when I finish my son’s mittens. And once I finish the crochet bag, I don’t have any other planned crochet projects for the month. So, I’ll be working on some more afghan blocks. Either until I have enough to sew together into a blanket or until the end of the month.

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