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I have finished working on two hat projects in the last week and started two new projects, one of these another hat. I don’t know why, but it seems most of the patterns I find that I like and think I can do, are hat patterns.


Soft Berry Hat:

This is the one from Lion Brand Yarn. That I used Lily sugar n cream yarn instead of the Lion Brand organic cotton it called for. It took me about 8.5 hours to finish an adult sized hat.

100_6043 100_6046

Best Baby Cloche:

This was a crochet pattern I found on ravelry. It was my first time attempting to crochet a hat. And I think it turned out looking nice. It was a pretty quick project. Only took about 3 hours to finish. Actually only a little over 2 hours for the hat. Then, I had a little trouble with getting the flower started.


In Progress:

Easy Knit Mittens:

This is another pattern from Lion Brand Yarn. It requires a bulky weight yarn. I figured I could make a pair for both of the kids. Starting on my daughter’s first since she’s outside more during the cold. Plus one of the mittens I made her last year is falling apart. I’ve been having a little bit of trouble with the start of it, but that has more to do with me not paying attention than anything else. First I forgot to cast on the right number of stitches for the pattern size. Did the smaller amount instead. Then, when I realized that(after I had the cuff done), I casted them back on…onto the wrong needles(you start it on the smaller needles and then switch to larger ones). I realized that after only about half a dozen rows. So, I had to rip them back out. I now have it started again and am back to the point where I realized I was using the wrong needles. Hopefully now I can stop making stupid mistakes.

Crochet Monkey Hat:

This is another pattern from Ravelry. I have the main part of the hat finished after only an hour and a half. One thing about crochet, it does seem to be quicker than knitting. I still have to do the earflaps and the monkey ears.


Coming Up:

After I finish this pair of mittens, I’ll be starting on another pair. I don’t expect that to be finished before next Tuesday. I’ll probably be finished with the monkey hat either today or tomorrow though. And after that, since I probably still won’t have the yarn to finish the crochet bag I started last month, I’ll be working on a Roll-up Pencil Case(which I’ll actually probably use for my hooks).

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