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I’m sure these two topics don’t seem to have a lot to do with each other. Except that in this house they’re taking place at the same time. And are examples of how much my kids are growing in their respective ways.

A few months ago, we bought Nathan some of the Gerber training pants. The ones that are like regular underwear, just a bit thicker. At the time, we tried them for a couple days. But, he just wasn’t getting it. So, I put them in his drawer and figured we’d come back to it later. And I assumed that later would be in the spring or summer when he could run around in just the underwear. Well, we were sitting in the living room Monday morning and Cory asked him, “Nate, when are you going to wear big boy undies?” Just offhand, but Nathan ran into his bedroom and got a pair and brought them out to put on. And he’s been wearing them ever since. Not without accident, of course. But with a lot more success than I expected. He’s been peeing on his potty all week, and today we had even more progress. He stayed dry all through the morning. While we were eating lunch, he ran off then came back, waving his hand in front of his face and going “ew”, usually a sign he’s pooped. He hadn’t though, but he sat on the potty and went on there. I was so excited.

It seriously took forever for my daughter to train(okay, not forever. just seemed like it). But, I remember being so stressed out and thinking she would never get it. Was dreading that again this time around. But, as with everything else, he seems to be the exact opposite of her. 🙂

As for Hayleigh, she brought home her second “report card” of the year. If everyone remembers, she started k-4 last year and we decided to keep her back another year instead of sending her on to Kindergarten. We had a few reasons for this, mainly her age(her birthday is in August and she was one of the youngest in the class), her lack of social skills, and her motor skill delays. I’ve had some doubts about whether we made the right decision or not, occasionally wishing we had sent her on. But, I know it was the right one.

Anyways, back to the report card. When we got the first one of the year and had the parent-teacher conference, her teachers said she was doing better than last year, but still didn’t really interact with the other kids. She’d work/play beside them, which was an improvement over last year. Well, on this report card, her “interacts with others” went from needs improvement” to satisfactory. All her math skills were perfect(as they were last time), her literacy was pretty much there, which was recognizing all the capital and lower case letters(knows all of them) and recognizing letter sounds(she got 24/26). Writing her name even went from needs improvement to satisfactory. And there was a nice note from her teachers on the back of the report card. She makes me so proud, and I realize keeping her back was probably the best decision.


She definitely has an interest in reading! She brought home three books we ordered from the Scholastic flyer a few weeks ago(one of them she wanted to get for her brother), and started reading them almost as soon as she was home. The one, Tooth Trouble, she needed help with some of the words. The other one, If You Give a Dog a Doughnut, she read by herself without any help from me. I asked her if she had read it before or if her teachers had read it to her, and she said no. I asked that because she will sometimes memorize a story even after just a few readings, so I don’t always know if she’s reading it or reciting it.

And as to the last comment: we’ve always known she was a perfectionist, even as early as two. She didn’t walk until she was sure she could do it right(about 17 months). I think the reason she didn’t talk for so long was in part because she was afraid she wouldn’t do it right. If she writes a letter or number wrong, she gets frustrated very easily because it’s not perfect.

I can’t believe how fast these two kids are growing up.

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