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I finished the edits on Slow Revenge yesterday. Or at least the first round of them. So, now I am ready to have other people look at it. This is a story I actually started writing like nine years ago. This version is different than the first since in that time I’ve learned quite a bit. And I’ve loved getting to know these characters again. But, I realize I may be a little too close to them. So, I need some other eyes on it.

When a police detective’s sister turns up missing, he is thrown into an investigation that takes him into the darkest parts of his past.

Garren Alexander is a Homicide detective who has long struggled to keep his past behind him, using whiskey and women to drown his own pain. He knows his old coping methods don’t work and almost meant his destruction. So, he has given them up to try to fight his inner demons on his own.

But when his sister is reported missing and his best friend is the most viable suspect, he is determined to find her and prove his innocence. As he works against time and his colleagues, he has to fight his own urges to turn to those old coping methods. He turns to his sister’s best friend, Lisa Giles, and realizes he may find more than just someone to talk to about his sister. When he finds his friend dead, apparently by his own hand, he doesn’t know where to turn. But, Lisa still has faith Connie is alive and will be found, so he tries to hold onto that and her. But, he fears his demons will destroy another relationship if he doesn’t maintain control. More people with a connection to him start turning up dead. When a young boy he mentors is attacked, it sends him into a downward spiral.

He tries to push Lisa away from him in an effort to keep her safe. Instead he pushes her right into the danger. Will he be too late to stop someone bent on revenge from taking the woman he loves? Or will time run out before he can face the shadows from his past?


If anyone would be interested in reading this and giving me some feedback, let me know. You can either leave a comment here, message me on twitter(@frbrown906), or email me at fallonrb@gmail.com

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