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I’ve been making steady progress so far this week. And I think I’ve pretty much decided that I won’t be doing Sunday check-ins, at least for right now. It seems either we’re doing something with family(this weekend is my nephew’s 2nd birthday party) or I’m just not on the computer. Usually on the weekends I’m concentrating more on my knitting or crochet, so I’m not even at the computer really. So, I think sticking with just the Wednesday updates will work better for me.

  • Finish 1st round of edits on Slow Revenge – Like I said, steady progress here. I’m almost through Chapter 25 right now. Just have one more scene to go. Hoping to be through Chapter 27 by the end of today. Was hoping to have this finished by Friday, but I ran into a pretty big research/plot hole that I need to fix. Not sure of the best way to fix it, so I need to figure that out. So, I’m working through the other things while I think on that.
  • Send to Beta Readers(if anyone is interested, let me know)
  • Finish 1st draft of Flames of Redemption – Haven’t worked on this at all yet this week. Probably won’t until Slow Revenge is finished.

Monday night I did do a little more outlining for the WiP I’ll be starting once I finished Flames of Redemption. Didn’t feel like sitting at the computer to work on edits after the kids were in bed, so instead sat on the couch with my notebook while I finished watching the Hatfields & McCoys(finally! since we recorded it back in May). It also gave me the urge to brainstorm some for a story idea I’ve had for a while but only ever wrote a couple pages for. I didn’t write any of those thoughts down of course.

  • Read 20 books – still working my way through Beauty of Fear. So, no more to add to this. I’m about 63% through it right now though.
  • workout for 30 minutes 5 days a week – not quite meeting this. Worked out with the Wii on Monday. And shoveled snow for 20 minutes today. Didn’t do anything yesterday though.
  • Track calories every weekday – started out strong on Monday then the site I use was down. So I never put everything else in. Yesterday after lunch, I started snacking(my downfall) and just stopped trying to keep track. Doing good so far today. Haven’t really even snacked. Just chewed some gum when I got the urge to snack. It’s just past lunch time now though, so I’m hoping to keep at it the rest of the day.

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  1. 20 mins snow clearing must count for something:) I only post on sunday find I can’t manage twice a week, I think it is a matter of what’s best for oneself – you seem to have had a good week writing wise so all the best for this week:)

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