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Hard to believe it’s the end of another round of ROW80 and the end of the year. It finally looks like we might actually have a White Christmas this year. Around here, it’s pretty unusual for us not to. But, last year it was still green on December 25. And so far this year, we’ve only had a few inches, if that. Right now, there’s just a little snow on the grass, but according to the weather, it’s supposed to snow through the weekend. So, maybe there will be white.

As for my goals, I’ll report my progress this week then go and evaluate how did for my whole round goals.

  • Finish last 3 scenes of Healing the Heart: Done. Finished this morning with just over 75,000 words. Which is a bit short for me, but I’m sure I’ll add more during revisions.
  • Finish read through of Slow Revenge: Done yesterday.
  • Finish Skeleton Lake: Not finished yet. Only about 55% through it. Didn’t get much reading done since I worked on Healing the Heart so much. And I still don’t have my Kindle yet.
  • Start Locked Within by Paul Anthony Shortt: Haven’t even started yet.
  • Workout at least 2 more times this week: Done as well. Have worked out all 3 days so far and planning to stick with it the next 2.

And as for how I did with my overall goals for the round:


  • October: Write at least 30,000 words on Flames of Redemption. This will bring me up to between 40,000-45,000 words(am at just over 11k now).

Did not achieve this one. I was really starting to struggle with this story and realized I might need to do some more research. Which I did during November and December. Hoping to be ready to pick it back up after the holidays. Written: 20,584

  • November: Write my 1667 words a day on Nano project first. Then, write at least 500 on Flames of Redemption every day(I should have around 60k by the end of the month if I can do this).

First part of this I did. Finished my 50,000 words one day early. Ended the month with 51548. Didn’t follow through with the plan for Flames of Redemption. I wrote 15 words on it the first day then not again. That’s when I decided to do more research on it first. Written: 51,563

  • December: Finish Flames of Redemption. My target is to write at least 1000 words a day, so can hopefully be done just before Christmas. If I do finish then, I will turn back to finishing the NaNo project(I know what I’m writing, but it’s still untitled). This most likely won’t be until after the round is over though, so I won’t include it with the goals.

Changed my mind with this one. And kept working on the NaNo project: Healing the Heart. Which as I said above, I finished this morning. Written: 23,478

Total words written this round: 95625 or an average of 1195 words a day. Not too bad.


  • October: Finish Plotting/outlining NaNo project by the end of the month: Had this finished by the end of the month


  • October: Read through Novella and make any changes Never did do another read through of this

Send to Beta Readers by 10/31 Or this

  • December: 1st Read through of Slow Revenge: Finished this yesterday.

You may notice I have no plotting or editing goals for the month of November. I decided to simply concentrate on writing for that month since I can’t seem to stay away from the challenge of NaNoWriMo.

Social Media:

  • Comment on at least 5 blogs/week
  • Keep Up with my blog
  • Reply to comments on my posts

I started out all right with these goals and slacked off over time.

  • Read 15 novels(will include novellas and collections of stories in this) I finished 31 novels, novellas, and short stories/collections during this round
  • Read 1 craft book but I didn’t read any craft books

I easily surpassed my goal of 12 books last round, so decided to stretch it out this time. I do not currently have a craft book picked out, but would be open to suggestions. Have already read Plot & Structure(James Scott Bell) & Self-Editing for Fiction Writers(Renni Browne & Dave King). What are some other good ones?


  • Walk on treadmill 3x a week
  • Keep track of calories in/out on My Fitness Pal.

I’ve been off and on with both of these. Probably achieved the workouts(although not always the treadmill) about half the time. tracking calories was not nearly as successful.

Overall, I had a pretty good round. Especially with my writing goals, even if I did change which story got my concentration this last month. Now, I’m planning on actually taking a break from the writing/editing. At least until after Christmas. We’ll see how that goes though. I have a tendency to not take breaks for very long.

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