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This is from the WiP I’m doing a read through of before editing. So, the following excerpt is still in first draft mode. This is the first 500(-ish) words of Chapter 2.


Garren drove out to his parents’ ranch after catching a few solid hours of sleep at his apartment. He still had not heard from Connie and had left her another annoying message. Maybe that was why she hadn’t called him back. Maybe his parents had heard something. He certainly hoped so as he parked in front of their house.

He walked into the kitchen and saw his mother in front of the sink. He walked up to her and wrapped his arms around her. “Two days in a row, Garren? What’s the occasion? We never see you this much anymore.”

“That’s not true, Mom. I still come around. When I can.”

She laughed, but he could hear the tears behind it. “I know. I was teasing. It’s good to see you, whenever you come.”

“What’s wrong, Mom?” He asked, turning her toward him. And he saw the tears weren’t just in her voice, but in her eyes as well and streaming down her face.

She shook her head though and waved him back. “No, it’s nothing. I’m just being emotional. I’m sure your dad’s right, and they just decided to stay longer. Probably enjoying their time together and forgot what day it was.”

Garren shook his head. That was even less like Connie than just not calling. “You know she would have called by now, Mom. Connie’s not that irresponsible. Not that inconsiderate. She should have called.”

“I know,” she said and dropped her head to Garren’s chest. “I know that. And I can’t let myself think about the reasons she hasn’t. And I can’t stop thinking about them.”

Garren did not know what to say to her. He didn’t want to lie. And he knew his mother would see right through any he told. And he didn’t want to think about why she hadn’t at least called either. He knew nothing he said would ease her mind until they did hear from Connie.

Garren turned when he heard the footsteps on the porch and tensed as his father walked into the house. He didn’t want to be told he was overreacting or being paranoid again. He saw the lines of worry etched into the older man’s face, and the panic starting to show in his eyes. It only took him a moment to realize what must be going through his head.

“No, Dad. That’s not why I’m here. I haven’t heard anything. I was hoping you had. That’s why I’m here.”

The older man’s shoulder’s sagged in relief. “I thought…,” but he trailed off and shook his head. “Are you staying for dinner then?”

Garren knew she needed to hold onto that. But, he didn’t think the call they would get would come from Connie. He had seen too much during his years on the street, even before getting his detective’s shield, to believe it would all turn out just great. He wanted to believe that, but he thought it might hurt more to hold on to that hope.

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