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Family Friday: Camping

As most of you know, the kids and I went camping with my dad and stepmom. We stayed at a private campground in Ohio in their RV.

sitting in the loft bed with her “friends”.

Eating breakfast in the RV

There was a playground there, and that is where Hayleigh wanted to spend most of the time.


climbing up the ladder to the little kids’ slides


standing at the top of the little slides

going down one of the little kid slides

hanging on the monkey bars

going down the big slide

attempting to climb the chains

she didn’t like the way these moved when she stepped on them. So, I had to hold onto her sides until she got to the top, just enough to steady her.


climbing up the steps

Getting ready to go down

I thought he would stop when he got to the bottom of this one. Yeah, he didn’t. And then Hayleigh had to tell everyone at the playground that I didn’t catch him. šŸ™‚ But, he got back up and headed right back for the steps to the top.

climbing over the jungle gym

At first, she kept getting scared when she got to the top of this. And I’d have to help her the rest of the way. She finally figured out how to move her hands and feet to get over it though. Then, she started on the monkey bars.


going over the monkey bars

and this is my cautious child

She kept going over these, and I was trying to be a good parent and not hover. And then she slipped. There was another parent near by and he caught her just as she did. So, she took a bit of a break from the monkey bars.

standing at the top of the big slide

He seemed to prefer these slides to the little kid ones.

making a necklace

wearing her new necklace

making a bracelet

They had a kids’ craft time at the campground on Saturday. Hayleigh made a necklace(with 2 purple hearts because she suddenly decided pink is no longer her favorite color, purple is). Nathan made a little bracelet with my stepmom.

Saturday night, we made a campfire and roasted marshmallows for s’mores. A fun but messy experience with two little kids.

watching the campfire together

roasting marshmallows

She wanted to roast them herself, but wouldn’t get them close enough to the fire.

eating a s’more

his first s’more

On Sunday, we went swimming before lunch then off to the water park after Nathan took a little nap. Hayleigh loves the slide at the kiddie pool. She must have gone down it at least two dozen times. Even when she was shivering so bad(the water was freezing even in August) that she could barely walk, she wanted to go down again. Nathan went down a few times, but he had trouble keeping himself upright on the turns, so he didn’t like it quite as much.

At the top of the water slide.


hanging out in the kiddie pool with Mommy

We roasted some marshmallows again Sunday night and headed home Monday morning. It was a fun weekend, but I was glad to get home. To get back to our own routines and schedules and back into our own spaces.








Comments on: "Family Friday: Camping" (2)

  1. Looks like a good time. I’m always hesitant taking my two girls, 6 and 4, out for these kinds of trips. I don’t know why… I guess I’m just a little bit of an overprotective dad.

    My kids would be just like yours though, spending all their time at the playground and the pool. Glad your daughter wasn’t hurt when she almost fell! Thanks for the story in pictures.

  2. Nothing like spending time building memories. Looked like fun.

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