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I didn’t post last week, but I have been getting projects finished during the last two weeks. The first of these was the slouchy toque I’d been working on.  It doesn’t look like it turned out all that slouchy though. Thinking I should have made it longer maybe.

Slouchy Toque

I also finished working on the Minnie Mouse hat last week. It turned out pretty nice. I even figured out a way to make the ears without too much trouble.

Minnie Mouse

I think I could have made the bow a little bigger, but at least my daughter likes it.

Even her brother likes it

I also finished another of my cause hats, this one a beanie with a cabled brim. I had to knit the brim flat then pick up stitches along the edge to start the hat.

Beanie with cabled brim

I have started another cause hat, but I only got two rows knitted Friday, and didn’t have time to work on it over the weekend as we were busy with my daughter’s birthday party. So, no pictures of it yet.

The other project I’ve finished this week is a crayon caddy. I found the pattern for this on Lion Brand Yarn’s website and thought it looked cute. You can’t fit a lot of crayons in it, there’s only 8 pockets(well, only supposed to be. I accidentally seamed 9 pockets). But, I think with some modifications, I could make it bigger and be able to hold more.

all laid out

Rolled up

From the top

Other than the new cause hat, my needles are actually all cleaned off. Of course, I have two other projects I plan on starting today, so I’ll have three different ones to work on.


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  1. Can I ask where you got the pattern for the mouse hat?

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