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It feels as if I’ve been rowing with the current lately instead of against it, which is a good thing. Definitely since that current may be turning on me this month. I was thinking this morning about something else9I think it was my daughter’s upcoming 5th birthday) and realized we have something going on every weekend this month. This Saturday night we have my husband’s class reunion dinner. And I think Sunday we are meeting with some of the classmate’s and their families at a local park. Next weekend is my daughter’s birthday party. The weekend after that we’re leaving for a camping trip with my dad and step mom and won’t be back home until that Wednesday. And that next weekend will probably be my niece’s birthday party. Then school starts the last week of August and that next weekend is Labor Day and also my son’s birthday. A lot going on, but I’m still determined to finish this WiP by the end of the month. Even with everything going on, I should still be able to get up and write first thing in the morning(which I don’t always do on weekends anyways). I’m not sure if I’ll take the computer with me on the camping trip, but I can take a notebook and still get some words down, even though my progress is a lot slower on paper than on the computer.

  • Write every morning, shoot for 5000 words.

I ended up writing another 181 words last Wednesday. The rest of the week’s counts were: Thursday: 629, Friday: 714, Monday: 1687, Tuesday: 1690, Wednesday: 1041. So, that’s a total of 5942 words in the last week. If I write at least 1000 words every day, I could finish the WiP this month. I know I won’t write every single day, so I’ll have to readjust that as needed. But, for now it is my target for the day.

  • Have edits finished on Stained Snow and do another read through

Finished the edits on Friday. Haven’t read through it again though. Think this will wait until I have finished the first draft of Slow Revenge. I’m actually thinking of adding more, possibly at the beginning. It ended up being right around 27,000 words I think. This is the first novella I’ve written, so I don’t know if shorter or longer is better. Would be open to any advice from those who’ve written novellas.

  • Read Blindsight

I finished this last Wednesday. Read it in one day. Then I started Ruth Nestvold’s Shadow of Stone on Thursday. I finished that on Monday. Yesterday, I read SM Reine’s Death’s Avatar(a novella). And this morning I started Roni Loren’s Still Into You. About 25% through it right now. So, I’m up to 7 out of the 12 books I want to read this round(even though not all are full novels, I’m still counting them).

Goals for next week:

  • Write every day, shooting for another 7000 words by next Wednesday
  • Finish Still Into You
  • Read Bowlful of Bunnies by L.S. Engler

For the rest of this month, I’ll mostly be concentrating on my writing goals. How about you? Are you concentrating on one thing? Or are your goals spread out(like mine usually are)?

Comments on: "Writing Wednesday: Rowing Downstream" (7)

  1. Lauren Garafalo said:

    Good work on your goals! I’m confident you’ll be able to keep up even though you have a lot going on this month – you’re always good at that!

    How did you enjoy Blindsight? I really liked it and wished there was more. It’s a lot of fun to read other ROWers work.

    All the best for this week!

    • I really liked it. I’ve read a lot of new types of things since I joined ROW80, things I wouldn’t normally read.

  2. Heeeey, I recognize one of those names up there! I really hope you enjoy it. I feel so honored to be a part of a goal!

    Especially since the current’s shifted your way, too. It looks like you’ll be in great shape to finish the WIP. I’m looking forward to hearing about your progress. Good luck! Here’s to busting out more of those great 1600 word days.

  3. The summer months seem to make being away from the computer almost feel like a necessity; the winter months make us distracted with celebration after celebration after… Somehow we always find time to write. Especially you! You’re doing great, and I have no doubt you’ll find a way to make things work out…. even the camping bit (I’m having the same “should I bring the computer with me” question… I’m electing no since I know how likely it is for my husband to let the boat fill with water).

    One piece of comfort I can offer about doing a handwritten draft… The typing in often becomes the first edit. You may find yourself ahead of the curve afterward.

    • It seems almost all of our birthdays fall in the summer, plus all the other summer activities. Winter seems to be calmer, aside from the Christmas get togethers, and since we both come from blended families, those are numerous. 🙂

      I’m leaning toward no on the computer as well, mainly because my battery on the laptop is pretty much worthless and don’t want to be plugged in the whole time. So I’ll probably leave it and just take a notebook.

      • Well, hopefully whatever you decide, you’ll find a way to make it work and you’ll get the words done in a way that you approve of.

        There is always something, whether holidays or birthdays or… Though it does strike me as funny about how families tend to have these “birthday clumps”. In my family it was the end of December through early February, and my husband’s family everyone is born in March… Hope all yours are a lot of fun!

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