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It’s hard to believe this is the last check-in for July(for me at least, since I don’t check-in on Sundays). This summer really seems to have flown by, even on the days it dragged. Less than a week left in July, just over two weeks until my daughter turns 5, and 5 more weeks until school starts. And between her birthday and school starting, we will be going camping with my dad and stepmom for almost a week. So, I don’t see the last month of summer being any slower. But, it’s all good because I’m still getting things done. And will continue to(except for maybe during the camping trip).

  • Continue writing every morning. Aiming for around 5000 words again.

In the last week, I have written 6 days. Sunday is the only day I did not write anything. Thursday: 658, Friday:1225, Saturday: 97, Monday: 1210, Tuesday: 770, Wednesday: 834(so far). May try to write some more this afternoon during the sprint. But, that still makes a total of: 4794. So, not quite to my goal, but pretty close. I’m averaging about 690 words a day for this month, 822 if you count just the days I’ve written(21 so far this month compared to the 17 in June and just 13 in May).

  • Have through Chapter 8 of Stained Snow edited.

Have through chapter 7 done. Planning on working chapter 8 during today’s sprint, if I don’t get to it before that. I have cut over 1000 words from it so far. not sure what my ending word count should be as this is the first novella I’ve written. Thought about aiming for between 25 & 30K, but not sure if it should be longer or shorter than that. Right now it is at 27712 and I still have 3 more chapters to go through.

  • Be through Chapter 24 of Chasing Fire

Finished reading this Saturday night. Then, I read the prequel to the Gabriel trilogy(by Steve Umstead), Gabriel: Zero Point. This was a novella and I finished reading it this morning. Starting Kait Nolan’s “Blindsight” today. So, I’ve read 4 out of the 12 books I want to for this round. Counting Blindsight, I have 8 more waiting on the Kindle app. So, if I get through all those during this round, I’ll have reached that goal.

  • Finish reading You Are a Writer

finished this last week sometime(don’t remember exact day0. really enjoyed it, and I signed up on Jeff Goins’ website to get email updates.

Things have gone really well for me the past week. Hoping they continue. I don’t see me finishing my WiP by the end of this month or even by my daughter’s birthday, like I had hoped. I still have over 40000 words to go on it. But, I will hopefully have it finished by the end of August.

Goals for next week:

  • Write every morning, shoot for 5000 words.
  • Have edits finished on Stained Snow and do another read through
  • Read Blindsight

Comments on: "Writing Wednesday: Rowing Through the Summer" (3)

  1. Sounds like you’re doing great. Congrats! Have a super week.

  2. Fabulous check-in. It sounds like you’re doing really well with your goals and have a great plan in place. Kudos. Wishing you a great week.

  3. I’ve enjoyed the Jeff Goins emails, too. Sounds like you’re doing well on your writing goals. I like the writing meters in the sidebar to the right. May incorporate them into my new author’s blog. Thanks for being a great example and have a good week!

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