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I know we haven’t been the only ones hit by the heat, and we certainly haven’t had the hottest of the weather, but around here 95 is definitely hot. We spent most of last week(except for last Wednesday’s trip to the zoo) either inside or, if we did venture outside, it was spent running through the sprinkler, in the kids’ pool, or spraying each other with the hose, and we usually weren’t out for even 30 minutes at a time. Thankfully, this week has brought with it some cooler temperatures(still around 80, but after last week, even that is cooler).

  • Write for 1 hour every day(and hoping to have another 10K or at least close to it)

I have kept up my writing for 1 hour each day, except for this past Sunday. Even on Saturday, when I don’t set an alarm, I was awake around 4:30. So, I decided I might as well get up and write. I did sleep in on Sunday(and so did the kids! Doesn’t happen often), so I didn’t write at all. On Thursday, I wrote 804 words, Friday: 737, Saturday: 702, Monday: 900, Tuesday: 910, and this morning I wrote 798. So the total for the last week is: 4851. Not even close to the 10k I was hoping for. But, it’s still more than I had. And that averages out to 693 words a day, which is still higher than the 500 minimum I always try to meet. I’ve written 7847 words so far this month with an average of 713 words a day(872 if just counting the days I’ve written). At this pace though, it looks like it will be at least the end of August before I finish instead of the end of July. 7847/58685

  • Have read through and marked up through at least Chapter 8 of Stained Snow

I’m only through Chapter 7, but planning on reading through Chapter 8 later today. 7/10

  • Finish reading Gabriel’s Return

I finished reading this Thursday.

  • Read the third book in the series: Gabriel’s Revenge.

Started reading this Thursday or Friday and finished it on Monday. And I had bought Nora Roberts’ Chasing Fire when we were shopping on Wednesday, so it is the next one I started. Since I’m reading an actual book(one not on an app on my phone), I also started reading Jeff Goins’ You Are a Writer(So Start Acting Like One) on my phone. About 16% through it right now. Novels: 2/12 Craft books: 0/1

Goals for next week:

  • Continue writing every morning from around 5 until the kids get up(which has been between6:30 & 7 recently). Aiming for at least another 5k.
  • Finish reading through Stained Snow & have at least the first 2 chapters fixed up.
  • Be through at least chapter 15 of Chasing Fire
  • Be at least 50% through You Are a Writer.

How is everyone else doing so far?

Comments on: "Writing Wednesday: ROWing Through the Heat" (6)

  1. I have been utterly wiped out by this heat, so this week has been very nice for me, even though I still lurk in the basement to avoid the light and heat as much as possible. But right now, what we need most is RAIN.

    I think you’ve discovered the good thing about using a time goal: when your word count is lagging, you know it’s not that you’ve been lazy. You’re putting in the time. It’s just going slow. Sometimes it’s the book, sometimes it’s everything going on in your life. Sometimes it’s some weird alignment of the stars.

    • Sometimes it’s the fact I can’t focus on anything for more than a few minutes without trying to distract myself. 🙂 Really just need to shut off my wifi connection while writing.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. stephseclecticinterests said:

    Short term goals. Long term goals. I love it. I very much admire your commitment to rise early to do your writing. Kudos! All the best as we continue with this round.

  3. I just picked up You Are a Writer as well. Looking forward to your thoughts on it. I haven’t started reading it yet.

    Those are great word totals. I set a test mile time of 30 minutes working on my WIP (some days I need to do research, etc), and so far that’s working for me. When I focused too much on word tallies, I found myself frustrated even when I was making progress.

    Hope you have a great week of writing!

    • That was what I found with word count goals too. Even when I would have a good writing day, if I was behind on my total words, I would get stressed out, and it was almost impossible to “catch up” on those words if I had a bad day.
      Thanks for stopping by!

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