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Hard to believe it’s already almost the end of May. One more week and my daughter will be done with her first year of school. Not sure how that’s possible. Anyways, I don’t have a lot to report for this last week. It was a four day weekend around here since Friday was scheduled to be a make up day if school had been cancelled over the winter(and due to a very mild winter, it never was). And it was in the 80s/90s over the weekend, so we spent quite a bit of time outside. So, I didn’t get much done on any of my goals.

And we rearranged the living room on Monday, and I put the playpen away(considering Nathan almost climbed out of it. Had one leg over the one side and very nearly pulled himself out). I no longer have my fenced off section of the living room, so I have to put the computer away when he is awake. Which means I have to try to get everything done when he is sleeping. It’s an adjustment. And it may mean refocusing my goals.

  • Have edits finished for Guarding the Heart

I thought I had finished this one on Friday. Then, over the weekend I thought of another scene to add to it. Realized I had not resolved something, just kind of left it hanging. So, I’m working on that now.

  • Find Beta Readers for Guarding the Heart

Have one possibly lined up, just need to get back to her. Would still like a couple more eyes on it though.

  • Have at least 11000 words on Slow Revenge

I haven’t touched it since Thursday. I’m at 9999 right now. Once I do get this last scene done for Guarding the Heart, I’ll turn my focus back to this one.

  • Have at least 29 stories for the Story a Day challenge

Haven’t written any since Thursday for this either. So that’s 23 out of the 30 I should have. Have pretty much given up on getting any more done.

  • Keep up to date on reading blogs and replying to comments.

Have read some but didn’t spend much time on any blogs over the weekend. Behind on replying to comments and never did do a knitting post for Monday. Probably the only reason I had a post on Tuesday is because it was already scheduled. Need to get back on track with that as well.

  • Have What Doesn’t Kill You finished.

Finished this on Sunday. Now I’m reading The Gnome, by Lauralynn Elliott. Almost finished with it.

For next week, I want to:

  • Finish this scene for Guarding the Heart.
  • Find at least two more Beta Readers.
  • Have at least 11000 words for Slow Revenge
  • Catch up on blogs and comments
  • Finish The Gnome and start a new book.

Comments on: "Writing Wednesday: ROWing to the End" (2)

  1. You still are making great progress even with the time you spent outdoors! Bravo!!! The 4 day weekend messed with my plans to write (or really do anything goal oriented other than read!) too. In a way it was nice to relax and just enjoy time outside but now it is back to the grind stone for me. 🙂 Have a great week!

  2. You’re doing great on the writing goals! School’s out here too, and I’m not likely to get as much done over the summer with kids home. I’m wondering if that will affect your goals too. Have a great writing week!

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