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Something moved in the cupboard. I took a step back, hoping I had not seen what I had just seen. But, there it was again. I moved cans out of the way. Peas. Soup. beans. I don’t know why I took note of each item as I moved it, as if I had to mark it off a mental checklist. In the very back were the jars of mostly fruit and products I had canned myself. Applesauce. Strawberry jelly. Peaches. And finally I was to the back of the cupboard.

I just stared. There was nothing there. Well, of course there was something. The back wall of the cupboard didn’t just disappear. In fact, it was covered by dust and cobwebs as I never thought to clean back here. Except for when I was looking for something to eat and put it off for another time. Wasn’t that always the way?

But, I had seen something move. Where was it? What was it? If it was some creepy crawly thing, and I couldn’t think of what else it could be, I didn’t want it in there with my food. But, I no longer saw anything.

Then, I did. Just a thin line of light at the bottom of the cupboard. As if there was a crack there and light from the next room was coming through. But, that made no sense. There was not a room on the other side of that cupboard. And no one here, other than me, to turn a light on.

I stuck my head a little farther into the cupboard and repressed a shiver at the feel of the cobwebs in my hair. “Really need to clean this.”

And I felt something. Something that was not a cobweb. More like a breeze just brushing over my skin. And that thin line of light widened as if the back of the cupboard was opening. Which is just what it did.

I jumped back, unable to believe what I was seeing, and hit my head on the top of the cupboard. I cursed and slammed the cupboard door shut. Maybe I had already hit my head and was hallucinating. There was no world of little people living behind my cupboard wall. I went and got ice for the bump on my head and convinced myself I had not seen anything after all. And when I went to the cupboard again, nothing moved.


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