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Last Friday, Hayleigh went on her first field trip. It was to the Pymatuning Deer Park near Jamestown, Pa. I swear this is about all she talked about for a whole week before she went. It was also the first time she’s been away for a full school day since pre-k is only half a day. She was so excited to go on the field trip. I was nervous because I didn’t know how she would do being gone all day. Shouldn’t have worried. She always does good out somewhere. It’s at home that she has meltdowns and fits.

As soon as she got home, she started telling me about the trip. In fact, she must have been so excited to tell me all about it, that she almost forgot her bookbag on the bus. Another girl had to get off and run across the road to give it to her. One of the first things she told me was that the other kids screamed when the train went through the tunnel. She also told me about feeding the deer crackers and seeing monkeys and a tiger(not what I expected at the deer park). And of course about playing on the playground with her boyfriend(the kid she shares a cubby with at school). And then she wanted to know when she could go again. So, I guess she did have a good time.

On Saturday, Hayleigh practiced riding her bike. We got this bike last year from my sister. It had been my oldest niece’s, but she had moved up to another bike. Last year though, Hayleigh could barely even reach the pedals. So, she obviously did not do any riding then. This year, she has really wanted to ride it. But, when she sat on it, she could not get the pedals to move. Either she doesn’t have the leg strength for it, or just isn’t exactly sure how to make them work. I’ve been having push the pedals around to show her how to do it. But, I can’t keep an eye on Nathan when I’m doing that.

So on Saturday, while Nathan was taking a nap, we went outside to practice riding her bike. And I realized that if I steered, she could work the pedals once she got going. So, that is progress. Now, we just need to work on the steering.

Ready to ride her bike.

Then, on Sunday, we had my youngest  niece’s first birthday. It was the second one this month. In June, there will be three birthday parties(another niece, and two of Cory’s cousin’s kids). None in July, but 2 in August and Nathan’s will round out the busy birthday season at the beginning of September. It was a really warm day and they set up a sprinkler and filled up a little kiddie pool for the kids to play in.

She actually surprised and impressed me. She played with the other kids in the sprinkler. Well, she didn’t really play with them, but did play around them. Normally if other kids were playing there, she would have stayed away from it. So, it made me happy that she’d still go around the other kids. She has definitely made progress there since starting school even if she’s still not as social as other kids.

Sliding down into the pool

Running through the sprinkler

Eating some cake

And just because he’s a little ham.

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