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I hit a slump late last week, and instead of struggling against it, I let it slide. Took the weekend basically off. Did get my story written on Saturday, but not on Sunday. Instead, I spent the day at a birthday party and outside playing with the kids. And I am perfectly fine with that. Had a little bit of trouble getting back on track Monday, but did still get some things done.

  • Be through edits for chapter 27 of Guarding the Heart

Not there yet. I’m working on Chapter 27. Have a scene I’m adding to it, so need to get that written. This is the last of the scenes I’m adding in, so the rest should go quicker.

  • Find Beta readers for Guarding the Heart

Still nothing on this front. If anyone is interested in reading over it for me, let me know. I posted a synopsis last Thursday.

  • Have at least 15000 words written on Slow Revenge

Not even close. Right now I am at 9683 words. I have decided that I’m just going to work on this if I have time after finishing my Story a Day each morning. At least until I have finished going through Guarding the Heart. Once the editing is done on that, and I send it out to beta readers, I can focus more time on Slow Revenge. Until then, my daily goal is 250 words.

  • Keep up with Story a Day

Right now, I am 22/23. Have only missed one.

  • Keep up to date on reading  blogs and replying to comments.

Doing good with reading blogs and have kept up with posting my own for the last week. Have fallen behind on replying to comments though.

  • Be 50% through Come Back to Me.

Finished reading it Thursday night. Stayed up late reading it and was really disappointed in the ending. Started reading What Doesn’t Kill You by Iris Johansen. Am currently about 32% through it.

For next week, I want to:

  • Have edits finished for Guarding the Heart
  • Find Beta Readers for Guarding the Heart
  • Have at least 11000 words on Slow Revenge
  • Have at least 29 stories for the Story a Day challenge
  • Keep up to date on reading blogs and replying to comments.
  • Have What Doesn’t Kill You finished.


Comments on: "Writing Wednesday: ROWing Through the Slump" (5)

  1. Doing well, seems to me Fallon. Especially as you have a few WIP’s in progress too. I’m struggling with just one. It’s a mammoth task, this editing lark. Good look for the next few days. 🙂


  2. well done on the short stories – I am struggling a bit somedays to keep up – have so far but some are far from polished or even readablle:) just a week to go – all the best

  3. I’ve never been able to do the Story a Day to any success, so good on you that you’ve only missed a day!

  4. You got a lot done! Congratulations. Good plan to just ride the slump and let it pass rather than fighting. Fighting ourselves can be too exhausting! And really, birthday parties and playing with the kids are very important things to do.

  5. This all looks pretty good, Fallon. You’re always getting a lot done. *in awe*

    I peeked at your synopsis (I never knew it had even gone out–I am so far behind on my blog reading) and would be willing to consider doing a beta read. It depends on what you are looking for. And I would ask for most of June to do the reading on it so that I make sure I have enough time for my other commitments (of course that does depend on the specifics of the reading required).

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