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Last week when I started working on the new WiP, I put down on my to-do list just to write that day’s words. Well, I realized this was not working for me. It took forever until I was able to cross that off. So, I did what always seems to work best for me. Took a larger goal and broke it down into smaller ones. So, at the beginning of my list I have down to write my Story a day, then finish my 750 words(since I write the stories at 750words.com) and then write 500 words on the new WiP. And then I have a few other things I want to get done and among those I repeat my small writing and editing goals. I seem to get a lot more done this way, although I have changed from the word goal to more of a time goal. So writing/editing for half an hour at a time. And then I work my way methodically through my to-do list. and I find myself actually getting things done.

As to what I actually got done over the last week:

  • Be through edits for Chapter 25 of Guarding the Heart

Not there yet. Adding a couple scenes into chapter 23, and still working on that.

  • Find Beta readers for Guarding the Heart

Still no closer on this one.

  • Have at least 8750 words on Slow Revenge

Not there yet. Last Wednesday afternoon, I got a really bad sinus headache and just could not focus. Only got 394 words written. still felt pretty bad on Thursday, so spent most of the day reading. Only wrote 311 words. Started to get back on track on Friday with over 1800 words. Thought about writing to catch up over the weekend, but with my niece’s birthday party Saturday and going out for Mother’s Day on Sunday, we weren’t really home much. So, I was still behind coming into this week. I did write at least 1K Monday and Tuesday, but I still only have 7895 words as of right now. Planning on writing some more later today, so may still meet that.

  • Keep up with Story A Day

Doing good here. Haven’t missed any days yet.

  • Keep up to date on reading blogs and replying to comments

Doing good with reading blogs. And pretty good with staying caught up replying to comments on mine. Falling behind on posting to my own though. Skipped last Thursday and Friday. Almost skipped Monday’s then buckled down and wrote one. And I must have messed up on scheduling posts, because it appears two posted on Tuesday.

  • Be 25% through Willowtree

I gave up on this one, I think before I even got to the 25% mark. Then, I read Sink or Swim by Stacy Juba, One Small Victory by Maryann Miller, and Darker by Degree by Keri Knutson and Susan Branham, all within about 3 days. And yesterday I finished When a Man Loves a Woman by Alina Adams and started Come Back to Me by Melissa Foster.

goals for next check-in:

  • Be through edits for chapter 27 of Guarding the Heart
  • Find Beta readers for Guarding the Heart
  • Have at least 15000 words written on Slow Revenge
  • Keep up with Story a Day
  • Keep up to date on reading  blogs and replying to comments.
  • Be 50% through Come Back to Me.


Comments on: "Writing Wednesday: Breaking It Down" (3)

  1. Camille LaGuire said:

    You’ve got ambitious goals. And you got some writing done on a day with a bad headache. And you’re keeping up with the story-a-day….

    I’d say you’re doing great. Keep up the good work.

  2. sounds very productive. even praise worthy.

    I am avoiding any word-count goals yet. maybe in the future after I’ve reestablished the daily habits of engaging the work. and befriending it again. to that end I am measuring time spent on certain types of tasks designed to get me there.

    so what is involved in acquiring beta readers? i have never had one other than close friends and family. I saw a lot about beta readers during Sundays check-in hop and have now added that to my goals this week. i even put a call for one in the post but am not sure if that is considered gauche.

  3. Hurray for small steps! I get a lot of my “to do” list done with tiny steps and a timer set for 10 minute intervals.

    You have quite a good “done” list this week! Keep up the good work. Monday. Meanwhile, enjoy the knitting. 🙂

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