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This piece I just wrote this morning for Shah Wharton’s Storyteller Challenge. I had to write a story between 70-700 words based on an image. I’ve never been able to write a story from looking at an image before(actually that was an assignment in one of my English classes in High School). But, I looked at this photo, and the first line just came to me.

She walked in the moonlight. I saw her on top of that hill, and I could feel my pulse speed. It wasn’t the first night I had seen her walk. But, she never came during the day. So, I had stood at my bedroom window, waiting for her to show. And I watched her walk past, as if she was going to meet someone.

I had to follow her. Had to see where she was going, who she was meeting. Why she came every night. I slipped on a coat over my night clothes, but left the house without shoes. And I went to where I had last seen her from my window. But, she was gone.

I didn’t even know her name. I couldn’t call out to her. Couldn’t find out where she had gone. My heart feeling heavy with disappointment, I turned back toward the house. Then, I heard  her voice. I knew it was her although I had never heard her speak before. “Over here.”

I turned and saw her step out of the stand of trees. What I had always thought of dead wood turned to beauty behind her. A bird rode on her shoulder, but with a gesture from her that I barely saw, he flew off, leaving us alone. “I have been waiting for you,” she said. “For the one who would be able to see me.”

I thought she almost floated across the ground as she moved toward me. “Who are you?”

But, she did not speak again. Instead, she ran her hands up my chest and over my shoulders. Then, she took my hand and led me back toward the trees. I could do nothing but follow. I did not even wonder at the time why I didn’t question it. Why I didn’t question her. But, I didn’t. I just followed. And that one decision, or lack of decision, changed every aspect of my life.

Comments on: "Short Tuesday: In the Moonlight" (1)

  1. Oh, an intriguing piece! Nice… I’m enthralled. Thanks for taking part in Storyteller this week. Glad the picture inspired you. 🙂

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