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I finished working on my blanket on Saturday. It ended up taking me a little over 20 hours to make it. It did turn out nice, but I definitely like doing projects that have a quicker turnaround. Like hats. Hats take me about half the time this blanket did(and it was a smaller blanket). Maybe even less, depending on the size of the hat and the complexity of the design. This blanket would be nice for over a car seat or in a stroller, or even for an older baby just to cuddle with. Hayleigh wants to use the one I made for her dolls. So, even though it is small, it could have a couple of different uses.

finished blanket

After I finished that one, I had to decide on another project. I went through my list and using a random number generator app on my phone, chose the Snowtracks Cap from coatsandclark.com. I started this one Sunday. It took me about 2 hours to finish the brim. Then, I had to do two more rounds before starting the cable pattern. It was not until after I finished 4 rounds of that(which took about another 2 hours) before I realized I had forgotten to switch to the larger needles as the pattern says to. So, at 9:30 last night, I had to rip out two hours worth of work. Hate when I have to do that. But, now hopefully I won’t make any more mistakes(ha ha, nice thought at least)

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