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I had a meeting at Hayleigh’s school this morning. It was me, one of her teachers, the school psychologist,  the speech/language therapist(the one through the school, not the one we’ve worked with since she turned 3), and the occupational therapist that’s been working with her through the school year. The physical therapist couldn’t make it though. The meeting went well. They went over all of the evaluation reports. And she scored above average(and even well above average) for all of the academic type stuff. And even with her fine motor skills, she’s made gains of about 20+ months(since the last time she was evaluated 10 months ago). she’s made smaller gains with her gross motor skills but is still improving. They even said that if we send her on to Kindergarten, they could just get her eligible for services. With just her scores, she wouldn’t be, but by using “clinical judgment”, they could still get services for her.

But, we really think(and her teachers and the therapists agree) that if she stays in K-4 for another year, she’ll be even stronger going into Kindergarten. And we’re afraid that by sending her on, she’ll struggle and we’ll have to end up holding her back anyway. So, we feel it would be better to keep her back now instead of waiting. And really, she only misses the age cutoff by about 3 weeks. So, she is one of the youngest kids in her class. So, she’ll actually be closer in age to the ones coming into K-4 next year.

They did suggest trying to get her into the Early Connections program, which is right across the street from the school. So, I called them after the meeting, but since she’s all ready enrolled at the school, she can’t get into the state’s “Pre-K Counts” program. So, she would be in their child care program and on one paycheck, that just isn’t in our budget right now.


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