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I’ve been rolling right along for the last week. I have started making out a to-do list every morning. I don’t always expect to cross everything off, but it’s the things I would like to get done. If I don’t finish them that day, then I just roll them over to the next day. They are really just my weekly goals broken down into even smaller chunks. It has helped me to see what I need to do to accomplish my goals though. And it helps keep me on track.

Read through Chapter 22 of Guarding the Heart and mark sections to be changed(added to/cut/reworked)
I finished this on Tuesday. There are some scenes where most of the text is now highlighted red and others where there is almost nothing. I know I have a lot of changes to make, but I still think the story at the core of it is strong. I’m hoping to be able to start rewrites next week.

Be through the steps of Snowflake Method
I finished step 6 on Monday. There are more, but I usually skip them. Well, I do step 8 but my own modified version of it(which is my next goal in this list).

Start figuring out timeline for Slow Revenge and planning scenes
I started this on Tuesday. Got two chapters put into the Storybook program. This helps me see the actual timeline of the story and not try to cram it all into a couple weeks(did that with a story I wrote last year).

Write at least 1 more flash fiction piece
Wrote 2 more. The first one was a continuation of the last couple I had written, “Wrong Place, Wrong Time” and “A Ham Sandwich“. I didn’t realize that until I had started writing. The other one was another prompt from Writing Fix.

Keep up to date with blog
Got an excerpt from some of my writing on 750words.com for Random Thursday. And a post on how my kids are Growing Up too fast on Friday. On Monday, I posted about Busting My Stash of yarn and yesterday I got one of the flash fiction pieces up. So doing good with this.

Keep up with replying to blog comments
This was up to date as of last Thursday I think. I know I have a couple more comments now that I need to reply to though.

Finish reading Plot & Structure
I finished this last Wednesday, I think.

Be 50% through Yseult
I actually finished this on Monday. Got really into it towards the end and kept picking it back up after setting it down. Tuesday I started reading Sin by Shaun Allan. I’m 13% into it and currently withholding judgment. It’s in first person and I may have mentioned before that I struggle with reading(and writing) that viewpoint. Not sure what it is. And the character in this one rambles, so I’m having trouble with following that. But, I like to give books until at least the 25% mark, so I’ll wait until then to decide whether to keep going or not.

So, I’ve made pretty good progress on my goals over the last week. By next week, I want to:

Be finished reading through Guarding the Heart(by 4/30)
Start rewrites
Have through at least chapter 12 of Slow Revenge put into Storybook
Write at least 1 more flash fiction piece
Keep up to date with blog posts and comments
Be 50% through Sin(or have chosen a different one to read)

How has everyone else been doing this last week?

Comments on: "Writing Wednesday: ROWing Right Along" (5)

  1. I love using lists. I feel so accomplished when I get to cross something off.

    Great job on your goals this week!

  2. Nice progress this week! I read Wrong Place, Wrong Time…eeesh so sad! I love how the first and last line are the same.

    You’re so organized with your goals that you kill me LOL. Keep up the great work and have a good rest of the week!

  3. Those lists must be helping because you seem to have accomplished much this week.

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