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For today’s post, I decided to take an excerpt of some of my ramblings from 750words.com. This is from the last day of March when I was trying to complete a monthly challenge, the first time I would have succeeded at that. So, read on, if you want to take a stroll through my mind.


I can’t believe I’m still up early on a Saturday to get my writing done. I don’t have an alarm set for on the weekends. But, at about four ten, more than thirty minutes before my alarm goes off during the week, I was wide awake. Have absolutely no clue why. I was just awake. Screwed around on my phone for a bit was still up and on the computer by five. Since this is the last day of the month, I figured I might as well get to writing. Need to get at least seven hundred and fifty words today so I can finish the challenge. After that, I really hope to get the rest of the words I need to get the nano badge as well. And next week, I should have my flock badge. Not sure of the exact numbers I need for those two but I will go check. Need another 2658 words for the Nano badge. And another 4378 words to get my flock badge. Should definitely reach that one by the end of next week. between the plotting for the new novel and any other writing I’ll be doing. I need to decide how I’m going to do that. I think I’ll spend that first hour writing out all my summaries and character developments. Whatever I get done then will be good. Then, the other two morning writing sessions(at 8 and 10 in the morning) will be dedicated to my blog posts until they are finished for the week. After that, I will do a chapter from plot & structure. Then I can work on some flash fiction. I want to get one piece finished a week. I think I’ll aim for right around five hundred words. If it goes a little over that though it is all right. Still need another four hundred and fifty words here to complete the March challenge. I am so close. I have never completed a challenge before Have always missed at least one day, usually on the weekends. So, this was really a personal challenge to me to see if I could stick with it for a whole month and no matter what else was going on still scrape out some time to write a certain amount of words. And I’ve done it! Or just about. Once I get another three hundred and fifty words written I will be done. I haven’t even made my coffee yet. Once I get my words done, that will be my reward. Getting closer now. I still haven’t started the piece for L.S. Engler’s challenge on her blog. I’ve never taken a closing line before and work toward it. Although that’s kind of what I did with this novella. Except it was the climactic scene I had all ready written and I worked toward that. But, that’s a little easier than just a closing line. I’m sure I can come up with something. I’ve just got to think on it. I may not get this one done, but hopefully the next one. I like the idea, just not sure what to write to get to it. Shouldn’t be that hard though. Just need to brainstorm some ideas.

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