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About a month or so ago, I noticed this new feature on the stats page for my blog. It now tells you where the people viewing your page are from. I find this interesting and check it out every once in a while. As I would assume, most of my views come from the United States.

At the time of writing this, I had one view today(Wednesday) and it was from Russian Federation. On Tuesday, I had 12 views. 9 of these came from the United States, 2 were once again from the Russian Federation, and 1 from the Czech Republic.

Visitors to my blog from Tuesday.

In the last week, my blog has been viewed 44 times. Once again the majority of those views, 36, have come from the United States. 4 were from the Russian Federation, and one each from the Czech Republic, Brazil, Malaysia, and Canada.

From the last week

There have been 257 visitors here in the last month. 198 of those were from the United States. 26 were from the United Kingdom and 7 were from Canada. I think it would be a good assumption that the majority of my regular visitors are from these locations. Those same 4 from the Russian Federation and another 4 from Italy. I had 3 visits from Brazil and 2 each from the Czech Republic and Belgium. People from Puerto Rico, Finland, Malaysia, Thailand, Equatorial Guinea, Mexico, Ireland, Argentina, Australia, Indonesia, and Peru visited the blog once in the last month.

Visitors in a month

Since February 25(when this feature must have been implemented), I have had over 300 views just from the United States. 43 have come from the United Kingdom and 2o from Canada. Most of the other ones are from more recent although there are a few that visited once more than a month ago, like Turkey and Iceland.

Since the start of this feature

Comments on: "Random Thursday: Where in the World?" (2)

  1. this is a great feature because it keeps you in the know of your blog outreach

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