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I have a cousin who is due with her first baby, a girl, in May. This will be the first baby in our family that is not from me or one of my sisters. And this is the first baby shower I’ve been to since I started knitting. So, I decided to make a few things to give her.

The first was a hat that I made a couple months back but always intended to give her as a gift. It was different than the other hats I have done. First of all, it was knit from the top down instead of starting with the brim. That made it a little difficult at first. But, it turned out really nice. Now, hopefully her kid won’t be like mine and have a bigger head, since it’s made to fit a newborn, and I know my kids had like 3-6 month heads at birth.

I didn’t work on any more gifts until the end of March since I had been trying to get some Easter items done. But, the next one I worked on was a little headband. This was the first headband I had ever knit. And I made a little flower to attach to it. The one I ended up going with was actually the second one I made. The first attempt was a rose, but as I was trying to knit it together to look like a rose, it all fell apart. So, I decided to go with a different flower design instead. I may try to do another rose sometime and hopefully it will work better.

I still wanted to make something else to give to her, so I made a little square blanket. Not big enough to cover up with, but something her little girl could cuddle with a little later.

And I still wanted a little something else to put in with the gift, but we were only two days away from the shower. So, I looked through my list of patterns I’ve collected and found one for a bib with a cabled edge and strap that I didn’t think would take me too long to finish. I was a little worried though because I haven’t really done much cabling before. It turned out to not be too difficult though and actually ended up looking really nice. I had that finished on Friday, so still had plenty of time to get it all put together for the shower.

I’d had a couple of other items that I had planned to give her as well, but neither of them turned out as well as I had hoped so decided against including them.

Comments on: "Knitting Monday: Baby Shower Gifts" (2)

  1. These are all so cute, especially that hat! What a great idea for a baby shower gift…something handmade and definitely unique. Very, very cool.

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