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I got this idea a couple of weeks ago, but was in the middle of some other projects that I wanted to complete first. Now, that I am starting to clear those up, I’d like to start on this one. My plan is to knit hats, in different sizes and styles, in a particular causes color. And when I sell them, I want to donate a portion of the money made to that organization. The one in the front of my mind right now is the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Most who know me know why this is an important cause for me. In 2006, we lost my father-in-law to lymphoma, just 13 days before our wedding. We have done the Light the Night walk twice but have never been able to raise any money for it. And I feel the need to be doing more. To be doing something. It may not be much in the grand scheme of things, but if even just the small amount I could donate would keep another family from grieving, make it so other grandchildren can know their grandparents, it would be worth it.

I did some research, and it seems the color for Leukemia and lymphoma is red(or lime for non-hodgkins lymphoma). So, I will need to start stocking up on that for now. Hopefully I can find some red cotton yarn in bulk, since that will work better for this time of year. If I do winter hats with this theme, I’ll need acrylic or a wool blend possibly for warmth.

I still need to finish up the poncho I started making for my daughter(in February, haven’t been working on it consistently) and there’s a couple other projects I want to finish before Easter. But, after that I plan to start on these and hopefully I’ll be able to start selling these by what would have been his 59th birthday.

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