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We have been having unseasonably warm weather for the last week. And from what I know, it is supposed to continue through at least the weekend. I am certainly not complaining, and we have been taking full advantage of it. This week we have spent at least some time outside every day.

We spent quite a bit of time outside on Sunday playing in the yard and in mud puddles in the driveway.

Standing in the driveway

Standing together in front of the garage

ready to swing

checking out this swing

checking out the slide

playing in the sand

On Monday, I took Nathan out with me when we went to get Hayleigh off the bus from school. We just came inside long enough for her to do her homework, which usually only takes about five or ten minutes, and change into play clothes. Then, it was back outside to play until lunch time. We planned to go back out after nap and rest time(since she no longer takes naps), but it started raining shortly after we came in.

But, Tuesday, it was beautiful outside, So after Hayleigh got up from her rest time, we headed outside. She played for a bit in the yard then wanted to play on her swingset. She alternated between wanting to swing on her belly and on her butt, which she needs help with. Then, she wanted to swing on the “squeaky swing”. It’s the two person swing, but it is really squeaky. After a little bit of that though she told me she wanted down and wanted to go to Aunt Keri’s. But, Nathan was still sleeping so we had to wait. Of course, as soon as I told her that, I could hear him waking up over the monitor. So, I got him up and we headed down the driveway to Aunt Keri’s. The kids played down there for about an hour and a half before we had to come home and start getting dinner ready.

playing outside before his sister gets home

climbing up the slide at Aunt Keri's

riding around with their cousin

swinging is so much fun

playing with Aunt Keri's new puppy. They had been laying right beside each other

On Wednesday, we went down there again. And were there for closer to two hours that time. Of course, I still had Nathan in a sweatshirt because I had not realized how warm it had gotten outside. Needless to say, once we got home, he changed into a t-shirt so he could cool off.

We didn’t spend a lot of time outside on Thursday, but Nathan and I did go out early to wait for Hayleigh’s bus and when she got home, we stayed outside for a few extra minutes. It was threatening to rain all day though, so we did not go back outside later. And Hayleigh went to urgent care with an ear infection last night(and started complaining about it too late to get in to the doctor’s office, of course), so we probably will be staying inside today, especially since it looks like it is supposed to rain again today. The weekend is supposed to be nice though, so hopefully she will be feeling better and we can get some more time playing outside before the weather changes again.

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