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It is always interesting, and sometimes amusing, to see what brings people to my blog. I know some of you actually follow it, and I appreciate that. And that most of you have found me because of the ROW80 challenge. I’m up to 26 blog followers, which amazes me. I know it’s not very many to some, but to me it is. But, right now I’m thinking of the searches that have brought others here.

Some of them make sense, but sometimes I have to ask “How did that bring you here?”

In the last week, some of the search results that have brought people to my blog are:

1. knitted shamrock – this would be for my post on St. Patrick Day hats I’m sure.

2. st. patrick’s day knit hat – again, the St. Patrick’s Day hat post.

3. loops and threads cotton club yarn – my post about using this yarn for bibs.

4. things i thought i would never say – my Family Friday post by close to the same

5. st. patrick’s day hats – once again, this one’s obvious.

6. st. patrick’s day hat knitting – and again.

The five results for St. Patrick’s Day aren’t too surprising, since it’s only a couple days away now. Not too sure why someone would be looking to Google(or Yahoo or whatever search engine they prefer) to find out what things they thought they’d never say.

Some others that make me question people and why they were brought to my blog:

1. wife pictures in costumes – you have to look to google to find pictures of your wife in a costume? yeah, don’t want to see what else came up with that search.

2. broken flash window – not exactly sure what that even means(something to do with computers maybe? contrary to what my family thinks, I am not an expert on them). But, I imagine it was my flash fiction piece, Broken Window, that brought them here.

3. beginning of a family christmas letter – have never even written a family Christmas letter. I probably had a few posts about getting together with family for Christmas though, since we have at least 4 different gatherings.

4. running crossing finishing line – I just think it’s the wording of this one. If it was just running across finishing line, I don’t think it would stood out to me at all.

5. knitting around a fire hydrant – I know why this search brought them to my blog. My question is, why would you knit around a fire hydrant? This could come from my viewpoint as the wife of a firefighter, but I just think that could cause problems when it needs to be used.

So, what brings you here? And what keeps you coming back?

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  1. I love these posts – I’m always amused by how people find me, too. I think search engines have some seriously wonky triggers….I show up a LOT with bulimia/anorexia searches – I don’t think I’ve ever even mentioned bulimia, and MAYBE once anorexia. Weird.

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