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After I checked in on Sunday, I decided to go through and reevaluate my goals, mostly my WiP goal. I know I can write 1000 words a day. At times. But, it’s not something I can keep up all the time. Especially now with the weather warming up, and two kids who want to play outside all the time. That of course leaves me with less writing time. That doesn’t mean I’m not going to write of course, just that I have to use my writing time efficiently and adjust my goals. I took how much I’ve gotten written on the WiP so far and divided that by how many days I had written. Came out to about an average of 847 words a day. So, my adjusted goal is now 850 words a day. I plan to reevaluate this before each writing week, so Sundays since my writing week starts on Mondays.

To help with using my time efficiently, I went to Google calendar and scheduled out my day. I now have time set aside for everything I need to get done. I might not always use all those times for what I have scheduled, but with that time set aside I know what needs to get done and when. For example, I have between 11:30 and noon set aside for knitting. Well, Monday when my daughter got home from school and did her “homework”(which was to practice writing her name and one other simple task), we went outside for a little bit then came in to eat lunch. And that was during my knitting time. And I missed the ROW80 sprint yesterday since we were outside. So, it’s not a strict schedule, just more of a guide for me. And most of my writing time is set aside for in the morning and early afternoon, since that seems to be my most focused time.

Now, on to what I did get done:

Be to 18,000 words on WIP: This is the goal I adjusted, so now I was shooting for 17550. I wrote 1628 on Monday, 1375 on Tuesday, and 551 this morning. That put me at 17890. So only a little under my original goal and 340 words over my adjusted goal. And the story is rolling along.

Write on 750words.com every day. Doing good here. I am up to about 20,000 words on there for the month. I want to have at least 25,000 by the end of this week to have a chance of making the 50,000 by the end of the month to get the NaNo badge. I only have about 2 more days to go with no distractions to earn the no distractions badge.

Have Knitting Monday and Short Tuesday(name change) posts up: done and done

Comment on at least 1 blog a day: fell behind on this one. Need to do better.

Be through Chapter 5 of Living Half Free: I’ve gotten through Chapter 4, so not quite as much as I wanted to get done.

I also was able to finish the exercises for Chapter 6 of Plot & structure(even though I didn’t include it in today’s goals). And I have started working out again with a different program for the Wii(it’s one I’ve had for a while just haven’t been using).

Goals for Sunday’s Check-In:

Have 19250 words for WiP.
Write on 750words.com every day and have my hamster badge.
Have Random Thursday & Family Friday posts up.
Comment on at least 1 blog a day.
Be through at least Chapter 8 of Living Half Free
Finish Chapter 7 of Plot & Structure and do exercises.
Workout Thursday & Friday.

How is everyone else’s week going?

Comments on: "Writing Wednesday: ROWing to the Finish" (5)

  1. Sounds to me like you are doing most excellent! πŸ™‚ Keep up the good work!! I plan on getting back into 750words in April.

  2. I love how ROW80 is so adjustable. You can make your goals work for you rather than against you. Keep up your awesome progress!

  3. I’m glad you’re finding a pattern that you can work with and adjust for the weather changes (and other general life changes, Fallon. I hadn’t thought about using a calendar system for the day (I should have, and probably someone did mention it, but I never thought of it). Do you use it to schedule your time or just to chart time spent after the fact?

    Have a great day, and see you at #teamsprinty one of these days.

    • I do both. I have sections of time scheduled out and then I usually put a note in those sections for what I got done during that time. It helps that I know what times of day are the best for me getting different things done. Like, I can get more writing done in the morning, so I save the knitting and other things for in the afternoon and evening.

      Thanks for stopping by. And I hope to get back to the sprints. Just taking advantage of the nice weather while it sticks around.

      • Oh! Thanks. I never had luck with actually making a schedule stick (I sometimes wonder if I intentionally sabotage them or…), so I’m just “in awe” there.

        You’re exactly right to grab the nice weather while it’s here. We should treasure these gifts. πŸ˜€

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