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You may have noticed that I changed the name of Tuesday’s posts. I did that because I may not always have a flash fiction piece to share(like today), and I’m not going to rush to write one just so I will. And I don’t just want to skip a day because then that may become a habit. so, instead I decided that Tuesdays will be either for flash fiction, or a short excerpt or synopsis of what I’m working on. So, I decided today to share the synopsis of the novella I’m working on now, Stained Snow. This idea was inspired by a piece of flash fiction I wrote last year.

William Jensen is a rancher and sometimes deputy sheriff who is eager to get home to his family after taking a bank robber to his trial. He gets held up on the trail by weather and other circumstances. Before heading back to the ranch, he stops in town to visit the grave of his stepfather, who was recently killed.

But when he does return home, he finds his family dead and his house burnt to the ground. He does not have to wonder about who is responsible for this, he knows. After burying his family, he goes in search of the man, his own brother. He soon catches up to him, wounded is taken in by a fellow rancher and his daughter. As he spends time with them, he starts to have feelings for this young woman, which weigh him down with guilt for the wife he has just buried. And when he learns his brother has all ready been there and told his own story, he sees his chances of a new life shattered before it could start. When William regains his strength, he starts on the trail again, only to be turned back by a blizzard.

Now, as he closes in on his brother, he wonders if either of them will survive his search for justice. And even if he does, will life be worth living without his family to return to? Can he face that lonely existence once his mission is complete? Or will he be able to let someone else in and give meaning to life again?

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