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Last week, I talked about the project I had screwed up and had to unravel a few hours worth of work. Well, I finally finished it on Thursday. It did turn out well, although I am not completely happy with the seaming job on the sleeves. That is one area I always seem to have problems with. But, it still turned out to be a cute little sweater.

After I finished that, I started on another Easter idea. I found this pattern on ravelry and thought that by changing the color of the yarn used, I could use it to make chicks and ducklings. It did not take me long to finish the first one, only about a total of five hours. But, I’ve only been working on it while Hayleigh is either at school or after she goes to sleep. Otherwise she wants to know what I’m making and who it is for. And since these might end up in the kids’ baskets for Easter, I didn’t want to have to deal with that. I got the second one started too, but haven’t got much finished on it. And have not taken any pictures of the first one yet. Once I finish this one, I have another bunny pattern that I’m going to try out. And that should be it for the Easter items.

You can always check out my other items at my Etsy shop or on my Facebook page.

Comments on: "Knitting Monday: Cardigan Finished" (1)

  1. Good for you for finishing your sweater! Love the Sweet Little Bird pattern. Thanks for the link!

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