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Sometimes I think Hayleigh has the memory of an elephant. I swear she never forgets anything. She has every episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse memorized, I think. She can even tell you what happens in some of the newer ones that she’s only seen a couple times. Or the ones she has not seen for weeks or months.

She has started “reading” her books to me, especially the Very Hungry Caterpillar, Silly Sally, and Pinkalicious. I love the fact that she loves books and reading, and it is so cute what she remembers from the books.

Last week, she was watching an episode of Yo Gabba Gabba that was about dressing up and she told me she had a dog costume she could dress up in. And we could go to the place where we went for Halloween. And sometimes we go to the mall for Halloween. Then, she keeps going on about how she had to wait until her brother was changed before she could change into her costume. How does she remember this stuff? That was like four months ago! Like I said, the memory of an elephant.

Of course, this has a bad side too. She remembers absolutely everything we say. We can’t even say we might do something, because if we decide not to, she remembers that we were going to do it. And she doesn’t let us forget it.

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