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I decided I wanted to make some St. Patrick’s Day hats at the end of January. I had a few ideas and sketched them out in an old sketchbook of mine I found in the closet. Now, I’m no artist, but at least they looked like hats and I could get the general idea of what I wanted to do.

The first hat I did was a shamrock hat. I knit it in all green, Limelight in the Caron Simply Soft yarn I had. I thought if I knit it in stockinette stitch, I could just purl some of the stitches and get the design I wanted. I even took a sheet of graph paper and figured out which stitches I would need to purl for this design. Unfortunately, my charting skills are not very good I guess. Because when I finished the hat, it looked more like a blob than a shamrock. So, I tried another idea. This time, I knit all the rows, except for the brim which I did in moss stitch, and when i was finished took some yellow yarn and in duplicate stitch, stitched on a shamrock. This one looked more like a shamrock, or at least you can tell what it is. And it was my first time doing duplicate stitch, so I was pretty happy with it.

shamrock hat with purled design

duplicate stitch shamrock

The next hat I decided to do was an Irish flag hat. This one I started with a ribbed brim in orange(Mango according to the label of the Simply Soft yarn I used) for about an inch then continued in stockinette stitch with the orange until I had about two inches. Then, I switched to white for another two inches before switching again to green(Limelight) which I finished the hat in. Then, I went back to the brim and picked up some stitches on the side with all 3 colors and started knitting some ear flaps and I-Cord ties. This took a little bit of figuring to make it work, but I think it turned out pretty nice for pretty much making it up as I went.

Irish Flag Hat

The next hat I did, I refer to as the “Bit O’ Green” hat. I did this one with a rolled brim, which I think gives it more of a girlish look. I knit in white for about 2 inches, then switched to green for one round and on the next two rounds did some stranding with both colors, then another round of just green before switching back to white until the hat was 4 inches. Then, I repeated the stranded band and finished the hat in white.

Bit O' Green Hat

After I finished that hat, I decided to make another shamrock hat. This one I knitted with white and attempted to do the duplicate stitch shamrock again. This time I drew out a shamrock on graph paper, but the petals(is that what they’re called) of the shamrock still weren’t quite proportional. I added ear flaps and ties to this one too.

Third attempt at a Shamrock hat

I enjoyed making these hats and since I did them all in a size for a newborn, they were pretty quick to knit up. Working on another hat now, but this is more of a spring hat, would maybe even be good for Easter.



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