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Sunday Update


  • Finish the first two steps of the Snowflake method(1 sentence summary & expand that to a full paragraph – got the one sentence summary written on Thursday. That wasn’t too difficult as it was the basis of the flash fiction piece this will be based on. And was able to get the paragraph summary done on Friday. Had a little more trouble with that and figuring out what the major disasters would be. I think it will become even clearer as I expand on what I have so far.
  • Cut flash fiction piece down to 1000 words or less – got that done on Thursday as well after two passes through it. Will post it up here on Wednesday probably. And I even started another one on Friday. Not exactly sure where I’m going with it, but I’ll figure that out as I keep writing.


  • Read 1 more chapter of Self-Editing for Fiction Writers and do the exercises for it. done! Just 3 more chapters to go.
  • Finish reading Indulgence in Death – did this Friday as well. Started reading The Search by Nora Roberts on Saturday.

Social Media:

  • Write up & publish Family Friday post – got this done early Friday morning as it was something that’s been on my mind.
  • Comment on 2/3 blogs – commented on two Wednesday. And it seriously took me about 20 minutes to write 2 sentences and hit the post comment button on the one. I’m always afraid something I say will be taken the wrong way, especially over the internet. My social anxiety always has me second guessing everything I type. And I commented on another one on Friday.
  • Interact with at least 1 person on Twitter – actually managed this one.
  • Work on Facebook page –Took my about page here and reworked it for on my Facebook page. And started to work on my notes section as a place to put all my flash fiction. Still needs some work though.

Goals for Wednesday:

  • Finish step 3 of snowflake method
  • Finish flash fiction piece and have it edited to under 1000 words(if necessary).
  • Read 1 more chapter of Self-Editing for Fiction Writers
  • Halfway through The Search
  • Have knitting post up on Monday
  • Comment on 2-3 blogs
  • Interact on Twitter
  • Work on Facebook page
  • Workout 2 times

Comments on: "Sunday Update" (3)

  1. We love our Snowflakes! 🙂 I have just finished the same two steps for STONE and blogged about it today. 🙂

    I just finished my blogging fun this morning. I’m going to go write for an hour, then get back to cropping pictures. I have 100 ebooks to make and email today.

    Every mountain climb though has to start with one step.

  2. I worry about comments as well – know where you’re at there – you’re doing ok – cutting fiction word count can be so hard well done – I dread having to cherry pick when I have written something:)

    all the best for coming week

  3. I hear you on the comments. I think most of us have that worry at least to some degree. Great work with your goals. Best of luck for the upcoming week.

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