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  • Decide on next WIP –Done! I have a list of all my ideas for future WIPs(17 in all) in an excel spreadsheet(used to be on my phone until it crashed and I lost everything). And I have a random number generator app on my phone that I use for making these important decisions. Without it, I may never decide what to work on next. With the help of that app, I decided to work on Stained Snow which is the first flash fiction piece I wrote last year. I’m going to try to expand it into at least a novella.
  • Start brainstorming – did a mind map for ideas- characters, setting, plot(which I most had from the flash fiction). Going to start going through the steps of the Snowflake method next to expand on these ideas.
  • Write one flash fiction piece – Done! Finished this Tuesday morning, but it ended at 1108 words, so I needed to do some cutting. Planned to do that this morning, but haven’t been feeling great(sore throat, ear ache, sinus pressure), so decided getting some extra sleep would probably be a better idea.


  • Read at least 1 more chapter in Self-Editing for Fiction Writers – Did this Monday night. have I think 4 more chapters to read in it.
  • Be at least halfway through Indulgence in Death – Did some reading yesterday and am only about a chapter away from the halfway point.

Social Media:

  • Comment on 2/3 blogs: I replied to comments on my Sunday post but not on anyone else’s blogs.
  • Interact with at least one person on Twitter: Haven’t been on Twitter much this week.
  • Work on my Facebook page: Nothing here yet.


Workout on Monday & Tuesday: Worked out on Monday, but my hip was feeling a little sore again on Tuesday so decided to rest. Was going to get back to it today, but feeling crappy and hip is still bothering me a bit. I’ll get back to it when I’m feeling better. Still haven’t had any pop yet this year but snacks haven’t been too healthy but I haven’t been snacking a whole lot either.

Goals for Sunday:

  • Finish the first two steps of the Snowflake method(1 sentence summary & expand that to a full paragraph
  • Cut flash fiction piece down to 1000 words or less
  • Read 1 more chapter of Self-Editing for Fiction Writers and do the exercises for it.
  • Finish reading Indulgence in Death
  • Comment on 2/3 blogs
  • Interact with at least 1 person on Twitter
  • Work on Facebook page

Comments on: "Writing Wednesday: Row80 Check-in 1/25" (5)

  1. Your idea of putting the stories into a spreadsheet…Brilliant! It sounds as if you’re having a great week, Fallon. Congrats on no soda for the year. Now that’s willpower!

  2. Good luck with your goals for the rest of this week! I absolutely love self-editing for fiction writers. Forest for the trees is a good one too.

    Keep Writing!

  3. Fallon, I am SO proud of you!!!! You are doing such a fantastic job on your journey to publish! Keep up the great work, celebrate every little thing you accomplish, and kiss those kids! After all, that’s what this is all about đŸ˜‰

    I am a bit in the weeds myself, trying to sign ebooks and write my next book, a novella. This week ends my blog tour and I’m looking forward to the relief.

  4. You’re very organized. I’m amazed at how many ideas you have for WIPs. You must be drinking some great creative juice or something. I also need to schedule some time to put all my ideas in one place. Right now their in my email box, written on scraps of paper and pretty much all over the place. Great work!

  5. Good luck with your goals.. sounds like you are doing a great job…

    I love Mind Mapping!

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