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This is the usual situation in our house: the thermometer reads around 65 degrees even with the pellet stove running. And there is my son, running around with no socks on. Usually within five minutes of putting them on him, he has ripped them off again. Of course, I rarely wear socks so he’s not the only one sockless around this house. And the cold feet do not seem to bother him.

I started looking for sock patterns last weekend, hoping to find one that would be more difficult for him to get off. I had a skein of sock yarn that I had bought without a specific project in mind for it. So, Saturday I started knitting him a sock. I didn’t think it would take too long, but by the time I usually go to bed, I had only managed to do the leg part. I decided I would do the heel before going to bed. I never got there until about 1:30 in the morning. Then, I spent the next day finishing the rest of the foot. By the time I had the whole sock done, I had spent about 15 hours total on it, and he was in bed for the night. Fifteen hours is longer than it takes me to knit a hat or a bib, and that was just for one sock. There was still another to make.

On Monday, I tried the sock on him. I wanted to make sure it fit before I attempted the second one. The heel did not look quite right, but it did fit him. And he left it on for about half an hour. The second time I put it on him though, it did not last even five minutes. So, I decided I’d try something else instead of making the other sock. I had a pattern for some “baby” booties that came in several different sizes, so decided to try to make a pair of them. Just had a little trouble with the first when it came to joining it at the toes. Once I figured that out, the rest of it was a breeze. I made a pair of them in less time than it took me to knit one sock. Of course, he doesn’t keep them on either. So, I guess he’ll remain sockless until the weather warms up. And then it won’t matter anyway. And now I have some new techniques under my belt.

One sock made

New Slippers

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