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Sunday Check-In


Finish Guarding the Heart by the end of January.: Still on track here. Only fell short of my weekly goal of 5000 words by 155 words. As long as I write at least 828 words a day, I should still be able to finish on time. So, for next week I’m going to aim for at least 850 words a day or 4250 for the week. I’m not sure that it will hit 90K on the first draft, it’s looking more like 80-85K, but I have other scenes to add in that will flesh it out more. I’m just going to keep writing until I get to the end though. Knowing me, if I go back to add scenes in now, I’ll get bogged down. For me, it’s best to keep the forward momentum going.

Blog at least 3 times a week.: Check, check, & check. Got my knitting post up on Monday, check-in on Wednesday, and a family post up on Friday.


Read 1 craft book a month.: Still chugging along with Self-editing for Fiction Writers. I’ve made it through the first three chapters and most of chapter 3’s exercises. Need to make more time for this though. I ordered Plot & Structure Friday night from bn.com, so I’m hoping it gets here sometime this week.

Read 1 fiction book a week.: Finished Kill Me If You Can on Thursday. I just could not get into the book for the whole first half of it. I’m not sure why, and I’m not sure why I kept at it. Usually I’ll give up on a book if it doesn’t pull me in fairly soon(always give it a few chapters, but if I still am not interested, I don’t continue). And then came a major plot twist(which Lauralynn Elliot talked about on her blog this week too). Then, I had trouble putting it down, so the last half went really quick. Started reading The Next Always by Nora Roberts Thursday night. Read five chapters so far. Hoping to be at least haIf way through by Wednesday. Ordered another of hers and one of her J.D. Robb In Death books Friday night(and got both kids a book) and downloaded Elana Aitken’s Drawing Free on the Kindle app for my phone, so I should be set for books for a couple weeks at least.

Social Media:

Comment on at least 5 blogs a week: I think I got 5-6 comments in at least.

RT at least 5 articles a week.: I know I did at least 5, maybe even 1-2 more.

Interact personally with at least 5 people a week on Twitter.: total fail on this one. I know I’ve barely even posted myself. Need to put more effort into this.

Finish setting up my Facebook page.: Still nothing on this.


Cut out pop at home: Still doing good here. Last night was the first time I really wished I had some when we had pizza for dinner. Usually drink it when we have that, but I still just had water.

Attempt to eat healthier snacks: okay here, I guess. Still not have many healthy options on hand, but made popcorn the other night instead of eating cookies.

Exercise 4-5 times a week.: Got 4 workouts in this week. The program I use on the Wii works in a rest day after every 2 workouts. But, I’m thinking of doing a workout outside of the 30 day challenge ones or another program for it on the rest day and then just taking the weekends off(when I usually end up not working out anyway).

Other than 1 or 2, I’m still doing pretty good with my goals. how did everyone else do this week?

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  1. It sounds like you’re doing really well. I didn’t totally hit all my goals either, but that’s okay, right? We have next week to start anew. Plus, whatever we did do, is more than we might have done without goals. I hope to get to know you better through the blogs and Twitter during this ROWnd.

  2. Great job this week! I love your idea of breaking your word count up daily so you can hit 5K for the week. And Self-Editing is definitely a great craft book.

    Good luck this week!

  3. Fallon, I’m with TeacherWeb on how well you are doing. And to add to what she said, there is also the point that you are doing stuff on THIS stuff, on things that matter now, because you set those goals and are paying attention to them.

    I’m really enjoying finding out all this stuff about the Wii from people. Almost wondering if it might make more sense than a YMCA membership…. šŸ˜‰

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