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I did it. I actually did it. I actually won NaNoWriMo this year. Last year was my first year doing it and I fell just about 3.4K short. I didn’t even learn about it until about 3 days into November, so just took an idea and ran with it. And really, I’m amazed I did that well with having a 3 year old & 2 month old at the time. As well as writing it all out by hand until the end of the month. So, this year I was determined to finish. And I did it. Even with dealing with a sick kid, actually two since they seem to be passing something back and forth for the last month. And even with family gatherings on Thanksgiving and yesterday(an early Christmas so we could celebrate with my husband’s brother while he was home), I was still able to get it done. And I’m hoping to be able to write “The End” by the end of December. Because even back when I started planning this, I knew I would not finish the whole novel by the end of November since it will end up being probably between 85-90K. I know there’s probably a lot of garbage in there and I all ready know of a couple scenes that will be cut down if not removed completely. But, they were fun to write.

WIP: I added another 1185 words on Wednesday for a total of 2315. Thursday morning I was up early and managed 817 words before everyone else got up and we had to get ready for the festivities. Friday I wrote 3393 words while others were out braving the crowds(you will never see me in a store of Black Friday. It would not be good). Added 1052 words last night after we got back from the family thing. And I wrote 1490 today which put me over the finish line.

Now, that I’ve made it, my writing goal will change. I’m thinking about going with a weekly goal instead of daily so I don’t get frustrated if I don’t hit the goal every day. So, from now until I finish the WIP, my new goal will be 7500 words. That’s only 1500 words if I write 5 days a week. And if I write on the weekends, it’s only a little over 1000 words a day. That is certainly within my reach. And with that, I could be finished with the story by Christmas.

Blogging: Got all of my posts up this week. So still doing good with this one.

Exercise: Didn’t work out at all this week. Really need to get back on track with this one.



Comments on: "Sunday Check-In: Crosssing the Finish Line" (7)

  1. Congrats on winning NaNo! Sounds like a good goal adjustment. Best of luck for the upcoming week.

  2. well done – with sick children as well – I’m impressed- dead impressed – are they well again – I hope

    best wishes with coming week

    • yes, they are pretty much well again. still passing around a cold, but it’s not nearly as bad as it was earlier in the month.

  3. CONGRATULATIONS! It really is an incredible achievement.

    Writing 7,500 words per week is a great goal. Go for it!


  4. Congrats on finishing! That’s a huge accomplishment. 🙂

  5. Congratulations! Your perseverance in the face of multiple distractions is impressive. 🙂

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