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I hope everyone had a good Halloween and you rescued your kids from all the poisonous candy . We have way more candy in our house than we need right now. Before any trick-or-treating, we still had a large bowl of candy from the two parades we went to in September, mostly Tootsie Rolls(which is currently Hayleigh’s favorite).

Last Thursday, we had to take Nathaniel to the doctor to get the booster for his flu shot(since this was his first time getting it, he needed to have two). And apparently, laying down on the table is more traumatic than actually getting the shot. Since we were up in the city anyway, we decided to go over to the mall for their “Trail of Treats”. Tick or treating inside, out of the crappy weather? How can it get any better? Well, maybe if it wasn’t such a madhouse and people actually knew how to walk(Yes, I’m one of those people who speed walk through the mall). And if it didn’t take Hayleigh 5 minutes to pick out one piece of candy(only a slight exaggeration). Both kids had their pumpkin buckets, and I think they were both filled more than halfway with candy(most of which was once again Tootsie rolls). We took out the stuff she can’t have(or just what we wanted), and added the rest to her all ready full bowl.

On Saturday, we carved jack-o-lanterns. Hayleigh really surprised me by actually sticking her arm all the way down in one pumpkin(even if it took a lot of prompting from us). This is the child that has to wipe up the tiniest amount of milk from the table as soon as she spills it. And has to run to get a napkin as soon as she has a little bit of food on her finger.

digging out her pumpkin

not sure what this pumpkin is doing on his table

sticking her arm all the way in

our family of jack-o-lanterns

Then, on Monday, her class at school had their Halloween party. She was so excited to get to wear her costume to school. She brought home a paper lunch bag full of candy so, that was even more to add to her bowl.

Hayleigh's stash from her party at school

And even though it was rainy Monday night, we still decided to go trick or treating in town. We were going to skip it, but she was so excited about it, we just couldn’t disappoint her. We only stopped at a few places, so she didn’t get too much more candy. And I think carrying Nathan around to the places we did go should count as an upper body workout. Next year, he’s definitely walking. He would have this year(at least some of the time) if the sidewalks hadn’t been so wet and uneven. Next year, he’ll be even more sure on his feet, so that shouldn’t be such a problem.

taking a break from trick or treating in the rain to eat some popcorn

the hat kept falling down over his eyes, so he was glad to get to take it off for a little bit

We’re dishing out the candy 1 to 2 pieces a day(to Hayleigh anyway. Don’t ask how much Mommy eats a day). But, I would not be surprised if we still have some come Christmas(and we’ll probably still have some Christmas candy when we start getting Easter candy).

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  1. What cute pumpkins (and kiddos!). Last year, we did have candy leftover forever. In fact, I think I threw some of it out just a few days before Halloween this year. Crazy! Sounds like you had a great time (even w/ the rain).

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